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Lying About Eating

Posted Feb 19 2013 5:00am

Ted: Delia, where did you put the corn chips? I want to have some with salsa.

Delia: They should be right there in the food pantry.

Ted: That’s where I’ve been looking. I don’t see them.

Delia: I don’t know what happened to them.

What Ted doesn’t know is Delia is lying. She ate the chips, and since she is on a diet, she doesn’t want Ted to know about her diet cheat.

There are two kinds of lies that women tell when they are trying to lose some weight. They lie to others like Delia did, and they lie to themselves. They lie to preserve their image, to make themselves look better in the eyes of others and in their own eyes. They lie to keep the peace, and to forget something they don’t want to remember.

You might say that lying is a rather natural part of the weight-loss process. Little white lies. Big fat save your image lies.

If lying comes so naturally, is it bad? It sure is if you are trying to change the way you’ve been eating so you can lose your unwanted weight. Self-change always means that you have to face yourself squarely and truthfully, see what’s wrong with the way you are, and make the necessary change. Lying impedes this process.

So, when it comes to the weight-loss process, if lying comes too easily to you, make sure you include doing something about lying as well as doing your exercise and dieting.


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