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lower pain body tone weight loss

Posted by Barbara S.

I need to tone all of my body, especially my inner thighs and upper inner arms, ginggle arms and inner thighs that seem to wiggle a litle bit. I am almost 62 and still acitve but obviously not doing the correct activities and exercises to tone up these problem areas.Also I need to lose some weight in upper back and try to strengthen it as well. My current weight is anywhere from 127 to 132 depending on what time of day I weigh myself. Can you suggest exercises to deal with all of these questions? i love in Tucson, Az so walking is sometimes limited by the heat. I try to walk first thing in the moring whenever possible. Thanks a lot,Babs

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I like yoga for overall toning. There are also specific weight training exercises you can do to target inner thighs and under arms, but these are notorious areas for remaining stubbornly wiggly. I would not be so hard on yourself - it's not that you're not doing the right things. These areas are a cruel burden on us women! Keeps us humble... I would try to find a great yoga teacher as well as working with some light weights at home. (It's a great rationalization for watching really trashy tv...)
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