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low carb

Posted by garry s.

has any one experienced side effects from a low carb diet?

i seem to be feeling weak and tired.



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 Low carb diets have many side effects: irritability, sleeplessness, anxiety, loss of cognitive function, and tiredness. They all may stem from the fact that when you do not eat carbohydrates in the correct amount and at the correct time , your brain stops making an essential chemical called SEROTONIN. Serotonin is made only when you eat carbohydrates without protein and with very little fat. And fruit which does contain a sugar, fructose, will not allow the body to make new serotonin.

The lack of serotonin is associated with all of the symptoms I mentioned. This has been shown by research. In addition lack of serotonin will utlimately leave you craving carbohydrates and not feeling satisfied after eating.

I have done research on carbohydrates , the brain and behavior for about 30 years at MIT. Check out our findings in my book, The Serotonin Power Diet which is based on my research and a weight loss center I ran at a Harvard University hospital.

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