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Low Carb vs. Ketogenic (Very Low Carb) diets

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Ketogenic diets are diets that are very low in carbs. With this type of diet you ingest no more than 20 grams or 5% of daily calories in carbs. Atkins is a classic example of a ketogenic diet. Low carb diets allow 30-40% of daily caloric intake to be from carbohydrates. The Zone is one such example of a low carb diet.

A study done by Arizona State University has found that ketogenic diets have no advantage over low carb diets. The study confirmed that low carb diets can provide increased thermogenesis, improved insulin sensitivity and decreased hunger.

Participants in the low carb and the ketogenic programs lost an equal amount of weight. But the ketogenic group experience less vigor and altered mood. Other studies have found that ketogenic diets produce fatigue and “brain fog” as well.

The study found that low carb diets can be beneficial but there is no need to go to extremes to get the benefit from them. It’s a good rule of thumb folks. Everything in moderation.

To read the full report cut and paste this link into your browser bar.'sd=2

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