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Low-Carb Experts Taubes, Eades, Wortman, Volek Discuss Solutions To Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome

Posted Feb 19 2009 6:30pm

Obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome are three of the most prevalent preventable diseases we are dealing with in the 21st Century. And unless something is done to get these growing epidemics under control quickly, we could be looking at some rather severe economic, societal, and health consequences that may never be overcome. This is why so many of us within the low-carb community are so engaged in the debate and actively articulating why carbohydrate restriction may very well be the answer to each of those conditions and more.

One of the new faces on the scene attempting to educate the public about livin’ la vida low-carb and the science behind this way of eating is Richard and Melanie Vogan from Atlanta TeleProductions. I met them in Phoenix, Arizona last April at the Nutrition & Metabolism Society conference where all the leading low-carb researchers and people of influence in the world of carbohydrate-reduction gathered together to share the latest studies and science for a group of bariatric physicians.

The reason the Vogans were there was to shoot video of the speakers and guests in attendance to clearly articulate the low-carb message to the world. Since diabetes has become increasingly relevant as it relates to the healthy low-carb lifestyle, they created a new web site called that will feature videos covering this issue from a low-carb perspective. Much of that video footage taken in Phoenix in 2008 encompasses what now appears on their web site.

They have already featured videos with Dr. Mary C. Vernon from Lawrence, Kansas discussing insulin resistance as well as their own Atlanta, GA-based physician Dr. Alan Einstein sharing about metabolic syndrome. Now they have a new compilation video featuring snippets of interviews from Dr. Einstein, Good Calories, Bad Calories author Gary Taubes, My Big Fat Diet documentary subject Dr. Jay Wortman, Protein Power author Dr. Mike Eades, and low-carb researcher from the University of Connecticut Dr. Jeff Volek (I’ll be sharing a podcast interview I recently conducted with him coming up on March 16, 2009).

Watch this video to hear directly from the REAL experts on low-carb as a treatment for obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome (click in the lower left-hand corner below the video to play the video):

Here’s a recap of the information included on the video:

Dr. Alan Einstein noted that diabetes and metabolic syndrome require a three-pronged treatment plan to effectively take it on:

1. Medication
2. Exercise
3. Nutrition

Gary Taubes added that historically carbohydrate-restriction was thought to be a healthy way to eat. It is only recently when the fat hypothesis in heart disease and obesity was introduced to our culture that this old mindset changed–and the fear of fat has made obesity and diabetes much worse as a result.

Dr. Jay Wortman said low-carb has to be the dietary treatment of a whole host of health conditions. Dr. Mike Eades contended low-carb diets are far superior for both weight loss and in preventing heart disease with a whole array of health benefits. He asks where all the long-term studies of low-fat diets are. Gary Taubes said the cost of an effective diet comparison study between low-fat and low-carb would be about $1 billion for a controlled, randomized long-term study.

Dr. Mike Eades argued that this same “long-term” litmus test isn’t required of any processed foods before they hit supermarket shelves or risky pharmaceutical drugs before patients are prescribed them for their health ailments. Why is low-carb singled out as needing such examination then? Dr. Jeff Volek showed that the research has already proven the efficacy of low-carb in managing metabolic syndrome and in improving cardiovascular health. Dr. Eades added that the side effects of most diabetes drugs could be completely avoided if diabetics would go on a low-carb diet.

Dr. Jay Wortman stated that once people begin to understand why low-carb works and the science behind it, they’ll quickly become better from the conditions that made them sick to begin with. Gary Taubes asserted that until we reexamine the low-fat lie that has been perpetrated on us and have low-fat diets put under the microscope of an intensive study that is published in a major medical journal, nothing is gonna change about dietary policy in the United States.

Dr. Jeff Volek concluded that since low-fat diets have so severely disappointed most people, why not give carbohydrate-restriction a try? Although you probably won’t get much support from your doctor or dietitian, do it anyway and watch for the incredible results you’ll experience. Dr. Mike Eades emphasized that he believes everyone should at least try low-carb if they have a weight or health problem that needs to be addressed. Dr. Volek added that people just deserve to hear the truth for a change.

Do you want to help Richard and Melanie Vogan continue to spread the low-carb message with their videos? If so, then how about considering making a donation or sponsoring the work they are doing at Right now they are making all of their videos available free of charge online and equipment like they are using costs money. Anything you can do to help I know will be greatly appreciated! If you’d like to get in touch with the Vogans about their work, then click here!

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