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Low carb diet trumps low fat diet for ‘good’ cholesterol

Posted Aug 14 2010 7:23pm

Recently all the major news outlets ran a story on a study conducted on ‘good’ cholesterol.

They acted like this was something new and profound, but in reality we have known about this for many years now.

Those that eat low fat diet plans have not seen the results that a low carb diet plan has produced.  There have been over a dozen studies conducted over the last 8-10 years comparing low carb versus low fat and low carb diet plans were the unanimous winner.

The low carb diet plans created more fat loss, lowered total cholesterol just as much if not more, and also increased HDL (good) cholesterol.  The low carb diets also lowered triglyerides.


Real World Low Carb Diet Plans <==  Low Carb Weight Loss Tips


When comparing the studies since 2000, those on low carb diet plans achieved nearly twice the boost in good cholesterol as compared to those on low fat diet plans.

Here’s my suggestion:

1.  Cycle your carbs over a 3 day period so that you can systematically break the cycle of higher carb meals.  This is done so that you don’t shut down specific hormones, bringing your fat loss to an abrupt halt.

2.  On the higher carb days eat the carbs you enjoy so that mentally you are enjoying your new healthy eating plans.  It is ok to do this because the other 2 days in the cycle will be feeding off of those stored carbs for energy as well as the stored fat you have, which means greater fat loss.

Don’t worry, the other 2 days are not hard to follow at all.  They are just designed to train your body to use stored fat for energy and to boost your metabolism through the timing of your meals and healthy eating plans.

To summarize:  You get to eat the foods you love and lose weight too.


Real World Low Carb Diet Plans <==  Low Carb Weight Loss Tips



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