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Lost 5 pounds last week, gained 3 pounds this week

Posted Nov 12 2011 12:00am

Okay so which is the best for keeping hunger at bay; fiber or protein as in ketosis like Atkins. I feel like I could do this if I could just not be hungry all the time. My insulin rises at every bit of food I out in and drops swiftly leaving me in a hypoglocemic state most of the time. I hate this. Once I give in to the sugar I can't get out of it's iron grip. How do I break out of the sugar coma when insulin is yelling for it? I read somewhere about a tea that helped stabilize insulin and blood sugar. Now I cant remember it.

Between the candida calling out for sugar and the insulin surging through my body callign for even more sugar I feel like there is no hope. The answer lies in stablizing my blood sugar and getting rid of the candida. I need answers. How do I do that?

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