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Losing Weight Tips: Don’t Work Against Yourself

Posted Apr 27 2010 2:00am

You know you want to lose weight, right?

But here’s the question—do you do certain things, act in certain ways that go directly against your desire to lose weight?

Why not find out.

First of all, write about all your reasons for wanting to be thinner. Think about what your life would be like without the extra weight, and without the kind of eating that you do. Picture yourself at your goal weight, and how you would look, and even more important, how you would feel. Even if you have doubts about your ability to actually get there, try writing about how much you would like to. Think about what it would really mean to you.

OK, now comes the other part.

Start with today. At the end of the day, write down everything you did that counters your wish to lose the weight—everything you can think of.  Think about not just how much you ate, or the fact that you ate fattening things, but take note of other kinds of behavior too.  For example, were you too critical of yourself? Did you run to food because you needed a reward? Did you fall into a down mood and eat to get yourself out of it?  Did you get hopeless and think what’s the use anyway? Think about your anti-weight loss behaviors again tomorrow, and the next day as well.

Three days of reflecting on this will be enough to show you if there is a discrepancy between what you want, and how you act. Then you can set about the task of bringing what you do on a daily basis much more in line with what you want for yourself, which is to lose the weight.


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