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Losing Weight and Keeping the Weight Off Are Two Different Things

Posted Jul 21 2009 11:28pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

Gainingitback So why do so many women eventually gain back the weight they lose?

It has a lot to do with maintaining the status quo.

Think of it this way. Let' s say you find a great diet plan and you use all your might to stay on it and reach your weight-loss goal. You feel good, better than you have in a long time. You look good to yourself. You' re proud. You' ve accomplished your weight-loss goal. All good. Everyone around you is complimentary.

But then the weight starts to come back. You' re eating slowly goes back to days of old, before the weight-loss diet. As the pounds keep coming back, you' re horrified, but you don' t know how to stop what' s happening to you.

So here' s where "status quo" comes in. If you haven' t truly changed your habits, then your whole being will probably naturally gravitate back to those habits. If you haven' t discovered the ways overeating and being overweight operate in your life so that can learn to do without them, then you most likely won' t be able to do without them. Your mind and your body will be tilted toward getting things back the way they were.

There are ways to avoid gaining the weight back if you see it in this light. You need to do more than just go on a weight-loss diet. You need to do the underlying work, and dismantle the basis for being overweight in the first place.

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