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Losing Water Weight

Posted Mar 13 2008 3:52pm
It's the time of year when everyone starts to get carb crazy and totally drop them out of their diet. Well what causes the immediate weight loss when you drop carbs?

What do you think will happen when you totally eliminate carbohydrates, that’s great, you are going to loss a ton water or weight and everything right away but what happens is first of all, your body gets dehydrated and muscle gets slightly dehydrated and the dehydrated muscles left their anabolic and most catabolic fat activation dries back to the hydration environment.

So all those dehydrated things and they are bad for fat loss. But your body learns to adapt. We are not, it has always been a reason in human society where we can eat whatever we want and grow. If you think of the way the body is meant to be, we are meant to walk for hours, to hunt in wild mammoths, to find food, things like that and when you starve the body with nutrients, the body sinks.

Animals and fruit must not be present, just to be alive we have to shut down our metabolism. So that is the biggest thing I played with dieting and keeping them recovered high and that is what a carb rotation diet does. We are pushing things real hard on our low days and we are pushing things pretty hard on our medium days but to prevent the body from a death thing of having our metabolic rate at the lower medium calorie amount, we still keep the high carbohydrate at a very high.
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