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Losing the Weight is Not a Feel-Good Story

Posted May 29 2010 2:00am

Losing weight is not always a feel-good story. As you probably know if you have ever lost weight, it can be uncomfortable, even painful at times. And it’s not the eating part that’s hardest. It’s the emotional part.

Emotions are always stirred up when you go about the task of changing your eating habits. That’s what contributes to making things hard. So, how can you make it all easier?

First of all, know about this before you even start. Anticipate it. Think about it. Be as ready as you can be for it. Don’t expect that it will all go as you plan, like clockwork. It won’t. You will be very pleasantly surprised to see how just being aware of the fact that it will get hard at times, actually makes it easier.

If you have the mindset that you’ll just select an eating plan, go on it, and lose weight, you will run into unforeseen difficulties. But if you use your crystal ball to look into the future first, you’ll be able to see the challenges that lie ahead, especially the “feelings” challenges. And then, of course, you can figure out ways to handle them. Having these ways in your mind is what will make things easier, because you’ll be prepared.

Don’t think you can get away from dealing with your feelings when you are trying to lose the weight—there’s no way. Instead, figure out how you can deal with them. Use your head when you want to change your body, and make it much easier.


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