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Losing Excess Weight is a Trip Through Never-Never Land

Posted Jan 24 2013 5:00am

Being in a kind of never-never land, that’s what it’s like when you’re trying to change yourself so that you lose your unwanted weight.

You never quite know whether you can do it or not. You’ve got the diet laid out in front of you. You see what you should eat to lose the weight. You think it’s doable, but you just don’t know. You guess that you can do it. You hope that you can do it. You say it with assurance to reassure yourself. You do what you can to push away your doubts. But you just don’t know, not for sure.

You never quite know how you did it when you did it. For instance: You got through that tough patch last week, the kind of tough patch that’s thrown you before, but this time it didn’t. Something was working right for you. Let’s call it unconscious knowledge or unconscious know-how, and you just did it. You stuck to your diet. You ate less or you ate differently. How and why you don’t know. All you know is you got through the week and the rough patch too.

One of the things you might think is that you maximized the probability of doing just the right things or enough of the right things to help you stay on your diet. This is something you want to repeat. You want to bottle it so you can use it again and again. But you don’t know what you did. You go over it in your mind and come to some more specific conclusions. “It was my attitude. It was a can-do attitude. That’s what did it.” Or — “The way I’ve been dieting just accumulated and became part of me. If I got through that rough patch, then I know I can count on all I’ve worked for.”

Sure, you can think what you want. But are you right? Conscious thinking might not help you understand unconscious know-how. All you know is that something happened. Something good. And you want to keep it like that. Trying to change yourself is a never-never land. There are possibilities and probabilities, but you never, never really know exactly what’s true.

Truth is you ate less or ate differently, and you know that to be so. What made you eat less or kept you eating on your diet remains a mystery. That’s the never-never land of weight loss, and you have to be ready to travel through it if you want to have success in reducing your weight.


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