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Losing a Pound Takes 3 to 4 Days. Gaining a Pound Takes Less Than an Hour.

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am
I can consume more than 8000 calories on an all out binge day.

A container of Ben and Jerry's here.
A bag of Lay's there.
A large Domino pizza, soda and buffalo wings.
Boom! 8000 calories.

If I were to binge everyday for 2 months, I could erase almost all the progress I've made. It's a scary thought of course, but it makes it even clearer to me how easy it is to gain weight.

Last weekend was a craptastic three days of shoving piles and piles of food in my mouth. I couldn't have felt any worse. I spent the last 144 hours reversing the damage and today I pretty much ate myself silly at a Chinese dimsum restaurant with the family. Oh what a vicious cycle!

Binge days are not worth it.
Binge days are not worth it.
Binge days are not worth it.

It's so frustrating making the same mistakes over and over again. There is a reason why a large number of my posts are about eating too much lolz. And I know many other people have been in my shoes before.

I just wish it would all click. click click click.
Why won't it just click?
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