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Lose Weight Now Is What Every Woman Wants. It’s a Recipe for Weight-Loss Failure.

Posted Oct 31 2011 2:52pm

Where are you on the way to reducing your weight?

    Are you not even thinking of losing some weight at this time?

    Are you considering the idea of shedding some pounds?

    Are you deciding among certain weight-loss strategies in preparation for
    losing your unwanted weight?

    Maybe you’re further along. You’ve decided how you will do it, made
    your plans, and are taking actions like following a daily dieting plan,
    getting online weight-loss support, and keeping up the motivation to stay
    on your diet.

As you probably know from experience, you can be in any one of these stages of readiness to shed those extra pounds. That’s just the point. Where you are counts. Where you are on the readiness-to-lose weight continuum determines what’s best to do now and what’s best to do next.

So don’t hurry yourself along needlessly. Work the stage you’re at. If you work the stage, “I’m not even thinking about losing weight”, you’ll be surprised to find that, by doing this, you’ve moved yourself along to the next stage, “I’m considering the idea of losing some weight.” And so on.

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