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Loose Skin Handicap

Posted Feb 10 2009 12:47pm

I am rotted because I lost my hat!  I LOVED that hat!!!  It was so warm and it didn’t look silly on me and it wasn’t cheap either!!!  I wore it just about every day!  BOOOOERRS!!!  I loved it so much that I might have to buy another one if there is any left which I doubt there is :-(  I think I lost it at the Superstore the other day because it ended up being pretty mild and I took it off and put it in my cart with my purse and reusable bags and I’m thinkin’ that it when I packed my bags into the trunk of the car, it didn’t make it out of the cart.  Ah well, such is life :-(((((

I started the day off with oatmeal for Breakfast today and it was a repeat of the other day with the mix:


The oatmeal mix with my coffee, scotsburn blend cream and sugar free hazelnut syrup was a total of 416 calories:



I ended up at the mall for Lunch and I had wanted a nice warm bowl of chili from Tim Horton’s but the lineup was insanely long (Maritimers love their Tims :-D), so instead I hit up Subway and got a 6” chicken strips on whole wheat, toasted with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper, banana pepper, olives, light mayo, BBQ sauce and S&P for a total of 432 calories.  I decided I’d have a Coke Zero to go with it too.  I hadn’t had that in a while.  I’m always disappointed when I’m at a Subway with no fountain pop!  I didn’t get a headache from the aspartame though, so that’s good.


I had a really delicious orange later in the afternoon for a Snack and that was about 64 calories:


Just before heading home I had one of these Curves granola bars for another 100 calories:


I stopped at the grocery store on the way home quickly and I picked up some fresh salmon and rainbow trout that I was looking forward to having for supper and didn’t I friggin leave the one little bag with the fish in it at the friggin grocery store!  Pfffffffffffffffft!   I was all concerned about making it a quick trip and grabbing the few things I needed and getting my arse home to get a workout in beforeSupper that I high-tailed it out of there without grabbing the little bag that he put the fish in so that it wouldn’t leak into my reusable ones!

I got these huge strawberries though and I ate 3 of these big mamas for about 26 calories before getting my arse in gear for a good sweat-a-thon:


Then I did a hard 30 minutes on the elliptical as a “warm up” to Level 2 of the shred (hear that Marisa!).  I’ve joined a little February Shred challenge that Marisa has started to try to challenge all of the “shredders” to make February a month of shred.  The idea is to do the DVD every day in February.  But I have already disclaimed that my goal is 4-5 days per week (minimum) just because I’m also doing yoga on some days too.  So if any other shredders out there are interested in joining us, please do!

So I already had my heart set on having a grilled salmon sandwich for Supper and I left my fresh salmon at the grocery store (what a waste of about $8 between the salmon and the trout) so I dug into my freezer and found another piece that was a wine and herb marinated one and I thawed that one out and it was perfect-o!   I steamed up some green and yellow beans with a little butter and S&P on top and I also used up the rest of the greens in the fridge (kale and red swiss chard) by sauteeing them in a non-stick pan with a lid and a tsp of EVOO until they were wilted down.  I’m tellin’ you guys, I’m all over the greens these days!   I aint afraid a no veggie!  They were perfect with an extra squeeze of lemon on top and a feta stuffed jalapeno on top.  The entire meal was again a little on the high end as 616 calories:


This salmon sandwich was so GOOD, FILLING and SIMPLE, just as simple as the grilled bella burger that I have all the time.  I just grilled the salmon filet on the grill pan and put it on a toasted whole wheat kaiser bun with some baby spinach, sliced tomato and I made a lemon-dill mayo by mixing up some fresh lemon zest, juice and dried dill into a tablespoon of light kraft mayo and spread that on the top and the bottom part of the bun:



And before coming downstairs to blog, I snagged a few of these Shasha Cocoa Snaps for another 70 calories:


And let me tell yas I’m FULL!  I burned a total of 551 calories in exercise which was allowing me to eat a total of 1901 calories in keeping with my 1 lb per week loss.  I ate a total of 1714 calories.   That still blows my mind!  I will just have to wait and see how it goes and trust it, right?  RIGHT??! :-S

I can definitely notice a change in my body comp though since I’ve been kickin ass with the exercise I can tell yas that!  My biceps and shoulders are more defined that’s for sure.  But as a downside, I can tell that my midsection is also losing fat.  Downside you ask?  Well as a consequence, I’m feeling more jiggly from losing fat!  That is the consequence of having lost 130 lbs.  There is bound to be some degree of loose skin.  I’m not crying about it or complaining (much).  I just hate it because when I’m bouncing around the living room I feel like a jiggle mama.  When I’m doing planks I can see my stomach sag and I hate it , but honestly it is what it is and no amount of sulking about it is going to change the fact that I put my body through a lot.  I made it accommodate 298lbs of weight and frankly I’m really lucky with the loose skin situation.  It doesn’t cause me any health issues or make me uncomfortable and I don’t have to hide it with my clothes because you wouldn’t notice by looking at me, other than one little pooch above my belly button that is there for keeps.  My stomach is probably no different from someone who has had children.  Although my thighs and bat wings aren’t. 

After our children have come into the picture (god willing), then I’ll assess the situation and whether or not it’s something to address later on.  I friggin hate my inner thighs though because that isn’t something covered up in a bathing suit.  grrrrr.  And I was thinking about it and I think that people who have lost enough weight to be left with loose skin should be given a 5 lb handicap with this whole goal weight thing, don’t ya think?  I mean if you’ve watched any of those shows that remove excess skin, they weigh it out and I’ve seen it weight anywhere between 5-20 lbs all on it’s own!  That is why I’ve set my goal to be 160.  I know that really that’s probably realistically 155 with my loose skin handicap :-D.

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