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Looking Forward to Monday - new week, back on track folks

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:19pm
I am ready to start fresh with a new week tomorrow morning. I know the scale is not going to be kind and it will reflect my overindulgence, but that's just how it is. Your body does not listen to you when you try to justify reasons for going over points. Well I shouldn't say that actually, I have had many times when I was pleasantly surprised at my WI when I felt that I had not stuck with the program as well as I should have. We can't really anticipate what the scale's reaction will be when you march up to it with your head hung low (partly because you are a little nervous to fess up to the judgement of it and of course because you have to look down to see it!). The fact is though that I have just had two weeks in a row with unexplained big losses, so this week inevitably would not be kind I'm sure. That's just how it works.

On a NSV note (non-scale victory), it is indeed Sunday morning here in New Glasgow and I did not give in and have the wonderful ooey gooey Acropole pizza that the town is famous for. To me, this pizza is the ultimate cornicopia of awesomeness! So to not go and get a slice last night was a huge victory! I was hungry last night too, and my Dad's fridge and cupboards were pretty dry, so I stuck with some blueberries and one slice of toast with butter. I was out of points, but this was the best I could do and I am pretty proud of that. DBF had a nasty snack of Munchos and pop and a chocolate bar - not me nope. Well I did have one bite of his chips, but I always do that so I don't feel like I did not have something I really wanted (accept for the pizza of course). DBF teases me sometimes about being a hawk! He "caw's" like a hawk does when I come around him when he's eating something I would love to have a nibble of! It's quite funny actually. If he has a donair or something like that, I always come around him "circling" like a hawk wanting a bite of the meat! I have been able to just stop at one bite there though, so that is good for me. (Well, it could have something to do with the fact that he might stab me with his fork if I tried to have any more! lol)

So I have some nice blackberries and yogurt waiting for me in the fridge for breakfast and some Chalet soup and roll for lunch. We do have to go and visit my grandparents at lumch time though before we head back to the city and my Grammie is a food pusher. She doesn't see me that often and it is her absolute bliss to make us sandwiches etc., so honestly, I'm not even going to resist. She's my grammie and that's just how it is. It won't be all that bad. Likely a tuna sandwich and some tea.

So I'm off to battle my last day in NG sans pizza. I am feeling a lot better about straying off course thanks to you guys. You are awesome!

(Crystal: it was great to hear from you! Keep checking in hun. Tasha and I love our bloggin and it's a great way to stay in touch with each other regularly despite our crazy lives, so hopefully having you checking in will help us keep up with you too. Love ya!)
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