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Looking for an Effecient Workout in Minimal Time?

Posted Nov 08 2008 12:00am
Here is a recent workout I did at home this week (in my garage that doubles as a home gym) - try it and see what you think. For the interval aerobic session I used a Concept II rower and a stationary bike and for the circuit I used
- TRX system
- 19" plyo box (bought at )
- 30 lb. Dumbbells
- 3-kg medicine ball

-4:00 row (set damping to 5) followed by 4:00 bike (100 W)
-3:00 row (d = 6) followed by 3:00 bike (maintain 150 W)
-2:00 row (d = 7) followed by 2:00 bike (maintain 200 W)
-1:00 row (d = 8) followed by 1:00 bike (maintain 250+W)

note: The goal with the 4 bouts of rowing is to row more than 2500 total meters

time: 20:00

-One-leg step-up - press MB overhead x 8-10 reps
-Inverted Row using TRX x 8-10 reps
-Push-ups with shoulder stabilization (aka T-push-ups) x 8-10 reps
-Core series (bicycle abs or standing trunk rotation x 15 and bird dog x 10)
-DB pushpress - 30 x 8-10 reps
-Hammer Curls - 30 x 12 reps
-Triceps pushdown or dips x 12

note: performed as a no rest circuit

Repeat 2-3x - your choice

Time: 15:00
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