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Looking back at January

Posted Feb 01 2013 5:03am
Seeing as it is the first of the month I think this is the perfect opportunity to look back at January and see what I got up to, as well as look forward to February and what I would like to achieve.

I went climbing for the first time in ages, but have decided that I won't be going too often in the future. Including renting shoes it costs £9.50 each time: ouch! However it works out perfectly for me, as Iestyn goes quite often as he has an unlimited pass, so when he goes climbing, I go for a run... or have a girly night in!

I blogged about my concerns over Carrageenan after reading a post over on Oh She Glows- an interesting read for anyone with stomach problems.

Finally, I went for the first run in months and it felt fabulous! I am definitely keeping this habit up, and ideally I would love to run once a week.
As part of WIAW I blogged  a weeks worth of Whole30 eats .
We got lots of snow , so I got sent home from work early. 

Which also meant we got to play in the snow.

I lost my phone then found it in the garden : silly me. Can't believe it still works!

Iestyn and I  celebrated Santes Dwynwen day, and I also celebrated the things I love.

I finally got payed after a six week month (longest time ever!), so I did a big shop, and I showed you what I bought - if I remember I'll do these more often!

I finally bit the bullet and went to see the Physiotherapist , and feel really positive about fixing my knee.

Special mentions of some other things I've loved this month
Two cinema trips with family: I enjoyed both the Life of Pi and Django Unchained. Massive tubs of both coconut oil and almond butter: the bigger the tub the better! This week I am loving blood oranges, which is a nod to my favourite show of the moment, Dexter. The above sunrise makes me smile every time I see it, I'll hopefully see a few more in the coming weeks, I shall make a point of looking outside the window in between running about in the morning.

And now I shall look back at all the goals I set myself at the beginning of the month , to see whether or not I achieved them

Sort out my sleep patterns

I was doing sooo well with this once, and actually really enjoyed being up in the morning when the house was quiet. However the past two weeks haven't been brilliant. Last week I was staying up far too late, and although I was getting up relatively early, just not as early as I used to- I was relying on other people to wake me up to since I didn't have my phone which wasn't ideal. This week I am getting to bed earlier, but getting up too late- my alarm goes off and I just snoooooooze. This is something I will definitely be working on this month, sleep is so important to your health, I really need to prioritise this!

Go walking more often

I think this was a success! We went walking two weekends, once to Caernarfon , and the second time to Malltraeth . I never thought it would be possible to do this every weekend- for example one weekend it was snowing so we only ventured about five minutes walk from the house, and last week we were busy with other commitments, but I will settle for every other week, I hope this habit continues into February.

Sort out my beauty regime

My skincare routine went the same way as the sleeping really: I think I've slipped in both my morning and nighttime routines, and have regressed to only using face wipes again- they are just too damn convenient. Again this is something I will be trying again this month. 

Save money

I think this one was a success! Although to be honest I didn't have much choice with there being such a big gap in between my December and January pay day, and it being Christmas, I just didn't have any money to spend. Because of this I probably wasn't able to save as much as I would of liked, as my money had to stretch that much further, but it made sure I didn't go over budget in such an expensive month. Obviously I had some unplanned expenses in that my car broke twice in one week too, so I hope I will be luckier with my money this month, and be able to save some more. The only things I spent my money on this month except for food, petrol and car bills was two trips to the cinema, and toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, face wipes and dry shampoo - only the necessities.

I hope to carry this on into February (although I have a mental wish list going constantly!). Hopefully we shall be booking  a few days away this month, but I already have this money put to the side- its mine and Iestyn's joint Birthday and Christmas present to each other, we figured we didn't really need anything, and we love travelling. Additionally we are going to Manchester for the evening at the end of the month, so I need to choose a budget, and stick to it!

Operation Sexy Hair

I think this is going okay, I am still trying to let my hair air dry at least once a week, and only straighten once a week. I have to say my hair has been desperate for a hair cut for about three weeks, this will be on my list of things to do in February, as well as dying my roots myself to save money.


Obviously a big challenge for me this month was the Whole30. I shall be writing a separate post about this as there is so much to write about, and I feel like I need a few days to reflect, so expect a post next week sometime. If you have any questions you would like me to answer, let me know!

Weight Loss 

Weight loss is an ongoing goal, but one I don't like making specific goals for: I can work as hard as I can, but I can't control how much weight I lose- and I'm okay with that! This week I've lost 2 pounds. this brings my total weight loss for the month to 11.2 pounds.Obviously I am very exstatic with that, but this post is long enough without me going on about it, so I shall save it for another post.

My goals for February:

Work harder to regulate my sleep pattern and skincare regime.

Get a hair cut and attempt to die my roots myself.

Make the effort to go for walks and explore our local area. 

Carry on with saving money- choose a budget for Manchester and stick to it.

Get into a routine with the foam roller- I'm sure my legs will thank me! (I'll write a post on this soon too.)

Carry on with working hard at the gym and eating well, which will in return result in weight loss.

There are quite a few goals there and I'm wondering if there are two many for one month, but if I at least get a few things done, the rest can wait until March!  

What was the highlight of your January?

Any big plans for February?

Have a great February everyone!

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