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Looking Back and a Family Walk

Posted Nov 13 2012 8:05am
This weekend was suppose to be about getting the house in tip top shape for Kevin's visit this Friday.  Of course my family is good at procrastinating so it didn't quite go as I had hoped.  But I did get a project done I have been meaning to do for a long time.  I moved the cabinet in Nick's room to our room so Mike and I could each have our own cabinets.  We had been sharing a cabinet but in the past year or so Mike has went t-shirt happy since he got into a 2X and could buy t-shirts off the rack. 

So yesterday I spent the day going through an old dresser in my room.  I had some clothing in there from my big days. I thought I had gotten rid of everything but there were a few sexys left in that particular dresser lol.  I can remember wearing those things and actually thinking I looked pretty good for Mike :) It made me think of Meegan's post about how we need to feel good in the "now" and I can say through my big days I had days of feeling good in the now.  So I ended up tucking away a pair of those size 4X green and black lace panties just as a memory :) Then there was plenty of old Mike clothes in that dresser too.  At one point we were buying him 5X shirts and 60" pants, to think he's in a 2X and 46" pants I'm sure makes him feel really good.  Sometimes you really do have to look back and be grateful for the progress made and realize just how far you have come. 

Saturday I wanted to take a walk.  So I got Mike and Marie to go with me.  There was a little bribery that took place with Marie (new pair of headphones) but it was well worth it as we really had a good time.  Her and I even had a little friendly competition and did about a 1/4 mile run.  She actually beat me as I was waiting for her to tire out quickly as she usually did but she surprised me this time and just kept on going at a steady speed.  Shows me they are working her at basketball with all those laps I've seen her running :)

I tried to get everyone out on Sunday too but no one wanted to go so that's how I ended up switching furniture around and organizing clothes.  It all turned out fine and I'm liking having my own cabinet for sure and I know Mike is too.  I probably still need to go through some of my clothes though and get rid of some stuff that I don't wear anymore.  I've gotten rid of all my bigger stuff but still have just "old" clothes that are kind of worn out that I don't have the heart to part with. 

In my organizing I came across 2 photo albums when Nick was born.  It was funny to see myself then and also my sister who was with me that day.  That was like 5 yrs before I took Kevin and it kind of made me sad to think about that we use to be pretty close.  Sometimes I miss the closeness with my sisters and the holidays we use to spend together.  I don't see the fences mended quickly but maybe at some point they can be mended a little. 

My exchange program is going pretty well.  I'm falling into the routine of it and it's getting easier.  The scale is drifting down again so that's a good sign.  I'm going to stick with it I think through the end of the year and see how it goes.  In my regular food plan I am usually higher on the fruit and protein but other than that I'd say it's not much different.  I definitely have noticed I don't get in as many veggies as I should so this will help with that.  I'm hoping the rest of my TOPS members are doing well this week too.  Guess I'll find out on Wednesday.

Last night after work I headed to Walmart for a shoe rack for the closet door.  The shoes had taken over our livingroom lol. I don't know how a family can have so many shoes but I did a good job last night hiding away a bunch of the in the closet :) I also bought a new rack for the livingroom so hopefully now our shoes won't look like a used shoe store.  I also had to buy a new vacuum cleaner ours was at the end of the road.  It definitely feels like a good spring cleaning is happening.  Always feels nice to get the house in order.  Mike got the livingroom carpet cleaned too.  

I am feeling a little nervous about having so many people over.  Now another 2 of Kevin's friends will be coming for dinner too so there will be 10 of us.  Will be good to see him but I won't really get much time in with him and the new lady really with so many other people too.  But I'm sure we'll have a nice evening.

Well off to work...
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