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Look Ma, No iPod!

Posted Mar 28 2011 10:10am
When I run, I like my music. I rely on it to get me through the dips, to drown out the negative voices that tell me to walk all the time and to cover up the sound of my breathing when it gets ragged. The iPod is a tool that makes getting out the door to go running just a little easier. Because as much as I enjoy running once I’m out there doing it (or maybe more accurately when I’m done), getting out the door is still a challenge. It’s much easier to stay cozy on the couch, especially when it’s cold and windy. Unfortunately, USAT doesn’t allow iPods in any leg of a triathlon. So…. if I’m going to have some fun in this race, I have to get used to running without my  iPod. Today I did. I went out for my run and left my iPod sitting all lonely on the counter. This isn’t the first time I’ve run without it, but it’s the first time I’ve run without it intentionally. And it’s the first time it’s gone well. I’ve been in races where I can’t use my iPod when I run. It has always made [...]
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