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Posted Jun 13 2009 12:39am
All day I have been feeling lonely. Interesting though because I haven't actually been alone. Today was just the same as any other day. My husband works from home so he is always here at the house with me. Everyday we get to have all of our meals together and hang out a lot. We are so fortunate and are very grateful for this arrangement. But I have realized that since I have started on this journey I am feeling more isolated from him and my family around me.

The loneliness has been coming from different things such as, often eating a different meal to everyone else or spending time alone working-out but mostly I think the loneliness comes from now possessing a different mind-set. Suddenly all of my thoughts became about what I have to do to survive and succeed at this. My husband and my family's minds are not thinking about it every minute of the day like me so it is inevitable that I am in a world of my own for most of the day and that feels lonely. This only gets harder when you need a little help from the people around you but since they are not on this journey they cannot relate and the loneliness grows.

Of course this is not anyone's fault. My husband and family are doing their very best and I so appreciate their support, but today it felt like the loneliness was everywhere.

Except for one place...HERE

After a very powerful email exchange with another blogger I realized that I am not alone. This blogging community is full of wonderful men and women experiencing everything that I could be going through and ladies and gentlemen, we need to use it.

I don't think anyone should feel lonely. So I say everyone early in their journey like me, get asking those questions more and more, learn from the amazing resources we have here. Feel the community and know we don't have to be lonely just because we want to get healthy. As for all you success stories out there thank you for being generous of time and of spirit by answering questions and helping us along our way.

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