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Locker Room Courtesy, Please?

Posted Sep 23 2010 10:11am
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You know, I try not to be a complainer. If I'm at a restaurant and my food isn't exactly how I want it (unless it's mistakenly covered in meat lol), I won't complain and send it back. I'm just not that type of person. Yesterday, in the locker room at the gym, I kinda wish I was a complainer.

So I'd just finished my workout. I was sweaty and smelly, and ready for a nice shower before work. I'm by my locker, undressing, and this older woman comes and sits next to me, even though there's a ton of room down the bench. She starts digging in her locker and sees that my iPod and bottled water are sitting between us. They aren't in anyone's way, but what does she do? She takes MY stuff, and puts them on the ground! WTF? At first I thought that my stuff MAY have been in her way. I give her a dirty look, pick my things up, and put them back on the bench and continue to get ready for my shower. This time, the stuff was not even in her way. Not at all. But, what does she do, AGAIN? She picks up my iPod and my bottled water, and puts it back on the ground. I give her another dirty look, she gives me a dirty look back, and then I walk away and head to the showers.


Why am I so passive sometimes, and then overreact during other unnecessary times? I swear, I really need to work on speaking up. I've come a long way. I'll speak up sometimes now, but yesterday, for some reason, I couldn't. I wonder if it's because she was significantly older than I am, and I was raised to respect my elders? Or maybe it was because she didn't speak English too well and I didn't think she'd understand me? (She was an Asian woman.) Even so, being more assertive is a trait that I need to work on. Don't get me wrong, though - I'm no doormat, lol.

So, the incident with the OAL (Old Asian Lady) was just the beginning of my annoyance with the locker room that day. When I got into my usual shower that I use there, I noticed wads and wads of hair all over the ground. Bleh. AND! Lemon wedges! Lemon wedges! WTF were lemon wedges doing on the floor of the shower? I have no idea. I mean slicing fruit in the locker room isn't exactly something a normal person would do. It appalls me how messy, rude, and disgusting some women can be in the locker room. If you're going to take a shower with sliced fruit, that's fine. That's your business. But why just leave them there? Why not take the extra second and throw them away.


I think that it just extra pisses me off because I used to work at 24HF, and I used to have to do "team cleans" in between shifts. Yes, last year, I was the person who had to go into the locker rooms and clean out the showers, restock the toilet paper and soaps, and toilet seat covers, and make sure that the lockers were all shut and clean. God, the disgusting things that I'd find in the showers that these women would leave. (Tampons, pads, hair, empty shampoo bottles...Even condoms. WTF?) I honestly don't even know why a condom would need to be in the locker room shower :/

So yea, that was my locker room experience yesterday morning.
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