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LLVLC On YouTube (Episode 76): If You Could Check Your A1c Number For Under Ten Bucks, Would Ya Do It?

Posted Jul 08 2009 10:49pm

The incredible new $9 A1c Test from ReliOn® at Wal-mart

There are a plethora of tests your family doctor can run to measure your levels of LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, vitamin D, cortisol, homocysteine, and so much more. Many of these are especially important to those of us who have taken back control of our own weight and health by following a carbohydrate-restricted lifestyle change. This wonderful way of eating has made us healthier than we ever thought possible and we find out by running various diagnostic tests.

In Episode 76 of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube”, Christine and I talk about one such test called the A1c test. Diabetics know about this test that measures what your average blood glucose number has been over the past 2-3 months. But even for non-diabetics, having an idea about how well your blood sugar control is working is an empowering bit of information that can motivate you to keep up with your low-carb nutritional approach. Unfortunately, this test tends to be a bit expensive if your doctor runs it in his office–to the tune of about $75-$100.

But recently I heard diabetes health blogger Amy Tenderich from the “Diabetes Mine” blog share about an inexpensive A1c test you can get from Wal-mart. She talked about the ReliOn® A1c Test costing just $9 and that it might be a more economical option for people wanting to know their A1c number. Hmmmmm. So I headed on down to my local Wal-mart and picked up a box for myself right across from the pharmacy.

Watch today’s video to see more about this A1c Test for under ten bucks:

You get all the testing materials, including lancets, alcohol swabs, gauze, a postage-paid envelope, and blood retrieval card that will give you your A1c test results in less than a week delivered to your e-mail. It was super-easy and convenient which are qualities I appreciate from a product providing such critical information about my health. My 5.1 A1c reading was a delight to see and I’ll keep checking it every few months to make sure my blood sugar control remains intact.

By the way, ReliOn® is not an advertising sponsor of any of my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” concepts, but I just had to share an incredible deal with you on a test that I believe EVERYONE needs to take. Incidentally the company also has affordable ketone test strips and blood glucose monitors available as well. You can’t help but get excited about a company devoted to providing patients with effective measurements of key health markers. And your A1c is certainly one of them. GET THIS TEST DONE ASAP!

Watch all of the videos in our YouTube series and let us know what you think. Join the low-carb bandwagon and subscribe to our video series on YouTube to stay on top of all the latest and greatest topics related to low-carb diet and health. E-mail us anytime at THANKS so much for watching!

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