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LL Cool J’s Diet and Workout Routine

Posted Oct 17 2012 1:03am

Whether you’re talking about the entertainment industry or the music industry, LL Cool J has one of the best bodies anywhere. In fact, he’s such a fitness guru that he co-authored a book, LL cool J’s Platinum Workout, with his trainer Dave “Scooter” Honig.

In his book, he details his nutrition and workouts (warning: not for the faint of heart). LL Cool J is one hardcore guy, and to maintain his sculpted body takes immense dedication.

The workout

LL Cool J’s workout regimen is a combination of cardio, whole body circuit training, boxing and interval training. And since he doesn’t have a lot of time to work out some days, he likes to shock his body and interchange between circuit training and cardio in a matter of minutes so his body never gets used his workout.

When LL Cool J begins his workout, (at Powerhouse Gym in Queens, New York), he starts by warming up on a treadmill, doing jumping jacks, riding a stationary bike or just jogging in place. After getting his blood flowing, LL Cool J goes straight into whole body circuit training. He is a fan of this workout because it works out the largest muscles in his body, his legs, back and chest muscles. By working out these muscles, LL cool J is able to get his heart rate up, which helps burn fat.

He’ll do squats or leg presses, and will immediately follow that up by doing a set of pull-up’s or rows (alternating back and forth for 3-4 sets). After completing these sets, with no rest between, he’ll rest for 30 to 60 seconds then do chest circuit training, and he’ll do dips, pushups or workout on the bench. He also likes to do jumping lunches while holding dumbbells.

Next, LL Cool J boxes, where he’ll sparr for 1 to 2 minutes and do bodyweight jump squats in between.  After he’s done with that, he completes his workout by doing interval training, either by running on a treadmill or outside on the track, depending on his schedule. He will sprint for 30 seconds, then jog for 60 seconds, and then do another 30 second sprint. He will continue doing this for 10 sets of each.

The diet

Diet and nutrition are just as important to LL Cool J as his intense workout, which is a strict and healthy diet that has zero junk food. LL cool J is a big believer in “feeding the machine” so to speak, and he knows that whatever he puts in his body will have a strong effect on the way looks.

LL Cool J follows a healthy diet by combining carbs, protein, fats, fruit and vegetables in various combinations, as well as in single serving sizes so he doesn’t overeat.  LL cool J also gives himself about 10% flexibility when it comes to his meals, so he doesn’t deny himself completely (however he doesn’t do a full cheat day and is instead a firm believer in moderation and a balanced diet).

Most of the carbs that LL Cool J consumes come from fruits and vegetables (every plate of food he eats must have some color on it, he says).  He also is a fan of fish, especially salmon since it contains healthy fat.  Other healthy facts he likes to consume include flax soil and fat from nuts.

From a shocking his body and never doing the same type of workout twice to making sure he eats only healthy foods and in the right portion, LL Cool J is able to have one of the hottest bodies anywhere.

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