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‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 309: Chit-Chatting With Low-Carb Celebrity Chef George Stella

Posted Nov 25 2009 4:20pm

Low-carb celebrity chef from The Food Network George Stella

If you had to name the most famous low-carb cooking and recipe makers out there today, some will immediately come to mind like Dana Carpender, Jan McCracken, Judy Barnes Baker, Linda Genaw, Blaine Jelus, Karen Rysavy, Dr. Mary Dan Eades, and others. But one man’s influence on behalf of healthy low-carb living was taken to a superstar level when he was featured on his very own low-carb cooking show on The Food Network called “Low-Carb & Lovin’ It.” He is arguably the most recognized name on behalf of low-carb living besides the late, great Dr. Robert C. Atkins himself and he is today’s podcast interview guest just in time for this special Thanksgiving edition of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore.”

In Episode 309 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are thrilled to finally have celebrity low-carb cooking king George Stella who you may remember from The Food Network show “Low-Carb & Lovin’ It.” He is the author of George Stella’s Livin’ Low Carb: Family Recipes Stella Style , Eating Stella Style: Low-Carb Recipes for Healthy Living, and his latest book called George Stella’s Good Carb Family Cookbook. These days he’s putting out incredible low-carb dishes with his own cooking show on QVC and it was such a pleasure catching up with what’s happening in the wild and wacky world of George Stella.

Tune in to my interview to hear him talk about his unbelievable low-carb weight loss success where he started his journey weighing nearly 470 pounds, the influence his then-300+ pound son Christian had on his motivation to begin this journey, how reading Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution changed his life forever, why he decided to adopt the low-carb lifestyle to his specific personal tastes, how every diet guru out there has adapted some aspect of low-carb living, why using the phrase “good carb” is better than low-carb, the intricate background behind how he got his show on The Food Network and what has happened to it in the past few years, why you should find the diet that works for you, his move to the QVC for a larger platform of over 2 million viewers, why he travels to schools to talk about childhood obesity, the sugar-free movement in schools across America, why he has fun and sticks with cooking rather than entering the diet debate, and his favorite Thanksgiving recipes. One thing you’ll never have to worry about listening to George Stella is being bored! Prepare to be entertained and educated as you feast your ears on today’s interview.

There are four ways you can listen to Episode 309:

1. Listen at the new iTunes page for the podcast:

2. Listen and comment about the show at the official web site for the podcast:

3. Download the MP3 file of Episode 309 [42:00m]:

4. Calling (818) 688-2763 to listen via Podlinez

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What did you think about George Stella’s story? Tell us your comments about this interview in the show notes section of Episode 309. Get your own copies of George Stella’s Livin’ Low Carb: Family Recipes Stella Style , Eating Stella Style: Low-Carb Recipes for Healthy Living, and his brand new 2009 book available from the QVC called George Stella’s Good Carb Family Cookbook. And keep up with what’s happening in the world of George Stella by visiting his official web site at Special THANKS to George for sharing these delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes just in time for a healthy holiday season!

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Coming up next week, I’ll be on vacation. Nevertheless, the podcast show must go on and it will! On Monday, we’ll hear from chronic fatigue overcomer Jody Smith from the Ncubator web site to discuss openly about this debilitating condition and the low-carb solution. Then on Thursday, Amy Cesario will share about an exciting new FREE patient service at that empowers patients when they visit their doctors by freeing up more time to discuss your health. This is one of the most incredible things I have found in a very long time and I am confident you will use it again and again — and it doesn’t cost you a dime! ENJOY these podcasts while I’m away and THANK YOU for supporting this low-carb podcast!

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