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‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 294: Anti-Aging Secrets From ‘Nearly Vegan’ J. Collin Towers

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:02pm

J. Collin Towers shares his immense knowledge about anti-aging

Biologically, it is impossible to stop the chronological clock from ticking because we’re all getting older. But it is possible to slow down and even reverse the aging process metabolically and physically through the use of diet and exercise. You’ve probably seen the difference between a fit older person like 90-something Jack Lalanne and a younger person who is aging way too quickly. This is exactly what today’s podcast guest has dedicated his life to promoting in recent years.

In Episode 294 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from author J. Collin Towers, author of Stop Growing Older…Grow Younger which outlines all the anti-aging secrets he has discovered to keep his 60-year old body in the shape of a 40-something year old. You’ll hear how and why Collin is pain-free, why he has chosen to eat a “nearly vegan” diet, the unique exercise recommendations he promotes, the benefits of taking supplements like Vitamin D-3 and CoQ10, why he thinks grass-fed beef is a much better choice for meat-eaters, the role that carbohydrate plays in his diet, his aversion to taking prescription drugs, why you should shower immediately after spending time in the sun, the importance of adding minerals to their diet, the threat of Codex Alimentarius against healthy supplements, and a myriad of other health topics that are discussed in his book. Collin is a happy-go-lucky guy who is a pleasure to listen to as he speaks so enthusiastically about what he believes in his heart of hearts.

There are four ways you can listen to Episode 294:

1. Listen at the new iTunes page for the podcast:

2. Listen and comment about the show at the official web site for the podcast:

3. Download the MP3 file of Episode 294 [40:59m]:

4. Calling (818) 688-2763 to listen via Podlinez

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How about what this “nearly vegan” has to say about health and anti-aging? Does J. Collin Towers make sense to you? Tell me what you think in the show notes section of Episode 294 . Pick up a copy of his book Stop Growing Older…Grow Younger and prepare to be educated. Then hop on over to his accompanying web site . Coming up on Thursday, you are in store for a real treat as we feature paleolithic diet promoter Nora Gedgaudas who has written a book entitled Primal Body-Primal Mind. She had me on her own radio show last week, so now we turn the tables on her. I can’t wait for you to hear and learn from this amazing woman!

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