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Lists, lists, lists

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:06pm
28 August 2009

I have had a few lists in my head for some time. I finally got started on it. LOL Actually started a new blog about one of the lists. The other two lists I'll outline in this post.

The new blog is The List of My Life. Ever heard of the 101 in 1001 challenge? I ran into it about 2-3 months ago and it's been on my mind ever since. I just wasn't ready for it yet. With 1 Sept coming up, I feel like it's a new beginning, and what better time to start. Check it out, it's a whole lot of fun.

Here are the other two lists:

Why I am losing weight:
1. To live as long as I can (100+ years)... (from birth, not from now silly)
2. To gain self confidence
3. To avoid being sad about the way my clothes fit
4. To gain more energy, especially while exercising (specifically running)
5. To be an inspiration for others who have struggled with weight loss
6. To be able to easily shop for cute clothes that look cute on
7. To be strong and healthy
8. To lead by example for my kids & family

Weight loss set backs and potential solutions
- AKA Plateau Busting Plan:

1. Mid-afternoon sugar cravings
  • Make sure I am eating healthy 5-600 calorie lunches to fill me up.
  • Have pre-prepared sweet healthy snacks available at all times.
  • STOP GIVING INTO THEM starting with a very strict 7 day no binge week starting Tuesday... HECK, why not? Starting today, right now!
  • Eat an apple. Not working? Eat another. Better than cookies!
  • Drink some water. Drink some more.
  • Cardio if I must. It usually curbs the cravings really well.
  • Get outside in the Garden or otherwise keeping busy.
2. Too much computer time
  • Computer-free days (rather than computer-free hours)
  • Only blog at night? (when I am just lounging around watching TV with hubby anyway)
  • Write more in my physical paper bound journal
  • Keep busy
  • Figure an easier way to count calories without being at the computer (perhaps start a personal directory of commonly eaten foods in my written food journal? YES! Of course!)
  • Only allow "blog time" after chores are done (okay mum!)
  • Anything else? "Just say no" comes to mind.
3. Inconsistent exercise
  • Now that the Bridge to Brisbane fun run and training for that is nearly over, I have a plan:
  • KEY: Wake up before dawn every day which includes going to bed on time (8 1/2 hours before). - this isn't new, except the "every day" part.
  • Morning 50 min run 3 times a week, 2 sets upper body after each run. - again, not new.
  • Morning 50 min kickboxing 2 a week, including lower body strength training. - just moving from afternoon to morning.
  • Morning 50 min yoga 1 a week. Same, usually afternoons.
  • 20-30 min run at night 1-3 a week. Not new.
  • Religiously ride bikes TO AND FROM school twice per week Mondays and Wednesdays. Just adding 1 day and scheduling it. I usually do once a week, unless car is busted ahem ahem :)
  • That free's up Gracie's nap time for making dinner early (or at least prepping) which will mean I can spend a good two hours with the kids after school without worrying about dinner. Also involving kids with a "5 o'clock Clean up" will help.
Well, in the words of Well-Rounded Woman Dani I am ready for GAG, but is GAG ready for me?
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