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Listening to Your Body, Resting the Warrior Mentality

Posted Jul 02 2009 4:04pm

Your body talks to you. Didn’t you know that? Not like the kid in Look Who’s Talking or the dog in Look Who’s Talking, Too (starring a slimmer, younger John Travolta), but it gives you signs that you need to learn to respect.

Letting the Warrior Mentality Rest
Sometimes you can get carried away with the hardcore workouts, the pounding, the sweating, the minor aches…and sometimes you need to just stop.

Personally, it’s hard for me to take a few days off from training. Especially when I am in such a groove with my workouts and weight loss. There have been many times when a day off has led to months off and many pounds gained.

I come from the school of train hard or go home. Ever since high school I’ve been told to workout hard and fight through the pain. The warrior mentality has it’s purposes but sometimes we need to lay off so that we can further our physical development. I once took a week off and came back stronger than ever.

Listening to Your Body
Recently my body has been begging me for a break. Guess what? I didn’t give it a break and now am suffering the consequences of that decision to continue to train through the pain.

A few weeks ago I was feeling soreness in my left shin/leg and figured I could fight through it. That continued for a couple of weeks until I developed a sharp pain in my shin. I was then forced to take a few days off from performing any leg workouts, running, or sprinting.

Then just last week I started doing assisted chin ups with bands. As I finished my last set I then decided to do some burpees (burpees are my new obsession). On my last set I felt my left chest tweak with a sharp, quick pain. Like a dumbass I figured I’d pump out the last 5 reps and deal with the pulled pec afterward.

So here I am with a pulled pec and sore leg. Why? Because I was using the warrior mentality to fight through the pain. This week I decided to lay off of 98% of my upper body workouts and to focus on light leg workouts. I performed some light weight squats for the first time in months this week and will be walking and biking for the majority of my workouts until next week.

If you feel tightness for more than a day consider not working that bodypart out for a few days. If stretching and rest don’t do the trick then see a doctor or physical conditioning specialist, just in case it’s something serious.

It’s Okay to Rest and Focus on Other Aspects of Your Health
One positive drawback from taking some time off is that I get to focus on my eating. Mastering my food intake sometimes feels like a full time job, but focusing on it solely while just chillaxing isn’t that bad.

The key is to not slack. If you are taking some time off from working out, say a week or two, make sure that you are committed to staying focused with your eating. Don’t take a week of rest and eat 5,000 calories a day on top of it. You will feel like crap!

Stay Motivated
This is a crucial time for me. I am losing weight consistently again and my workouts have been really good.

Motivation can wane during times like these, but you need to keep in mind that you will be coming back stronger and ready for some more ass kicking! Keep busy by walking, which is a seriously underrated exercise.

What do you think about resting and listening to your body?

This is an article from's Healthy Weight Loss and Fitness Blog.

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