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Listening to My Body

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:43pm

It’s Friday again? I feel like I just posted Totally Random Friday yesterday! That’s how fast my week went and I didn’t even accomplish anything! Argh! I HATE BEING SICK!

I went to the doctors yesterday and it appears I have a stomach virus. Although he wants to keep an eye on me because he’s worried it may be something else. So he told me to go on a liquid diet for a day or two and call him back. Which really should NOT have been a problem as I have no appetite. Me, NO APPETITE! That never happens!

Well stubborn me thinks, ok, so it just a virus. It will run it course like it has for everyone else at the office. WRONG! I SO should have listened to him. Yesterday I ate a bit and (don’t ask me why, I wasn’t hungry yet my brain wanted to eat because “I didn’t really eat all day” – what kind of backwards thinking is that?) I paid for it. Last night I felt worse then I have all week, I was up all night and this morning I could barely get out of bed.

Which was weird because at dinner time I was actually starting to feel better. So much better that the Toddler and I did out weekly video post . Taking the advice of some of you on this week question, I made soup . Now, maybe a spicy soup wasn’t the way to go, but it was chock full of veggies and I thought it would be a first good step into finding my routine again, especially since I was feeling better. So I settled on that and some cheese and crackers for dinner.

Umm yeah, THAT was a mistake!

Needless to say I’m taking the doctors advice today. I’ve made myself a HUGE batch lemon-lime water and have been relentlessly sipping all day. I’ve also had a yogurt, hoping it will help calm the stomach. We’ll see. I’m actually not hungry and it’s almost 4PM! So you know there is something up with me. Normally by this time I would have snacked my way through an omelet, a yogurt, an apple, leftovers for lunch, a granola bar I’d be looking forward to dinner but today my stomach hasn’t even growled yet. Weird!

Which leads me to the topic of listening to our bodies. How many times, yesterday included, have I just totally ignored my body? Eating when I wasn’t hungry, just because food was there. Knowing I’m thirsty but just too lazy to pour a glass of water. I do things like that ALL the time.

I found this quote from Elle Macpherson about her health:

"It's about listening to your body. Sometimes I need to run, other times to meditate, sometimes I need to dance with my kids, and sometimes I just need a good meal. I don't have a regime. My body is the result of good genes and a healthy attitude."

It’s nice she is recognizing her “good genes” as all of us may not be as lucky. However, she so right! Sometimes the best work outs I have are dancing with the toddler, sometimes I need to go to the gym to feel stronger, sometimes I just crave an after dinner walk and sometimes I have to go to bed early. Today I have to listen to my non existent hunger signals (and doctor) and just let me body heal itself.

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