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Like, The Most Sensational Sunday Ever Scoob!

Posted Oct 30 2011 11:12pm

I woke up to this…


Actually it wasn’t as bad as it looked. We washed everything during Saturday’s snow/sleet storm. All I had to do was fold the towels which I finished right before Little Guy decided to join me.

He helped me put the towels away and then we had a little fun in the kitchen. Pumpkin Pancakes!

Click here to read about our FRESH Pumpkin Pancake Bites with Sprinkles adventure.

Time to put the rest of the laundry away. Normally our downfall is not getting this done before the end of the weekend. Then we end up living out of piles.

Not cool.

While we organized, someone worked on their crawling skills.

Once everything was away I made The Husband his heart attack on a plate breakfast and I had some grapefruit.

After the late breakfast we cleaned up.

Here’s Little Guy showing off the clean mud room. One of his chores this weekend.

Time for a snack!

The boys were having fun with the Legos…

So I decided to go for a quick run. It’s gotten so cold I needed gear. :(

When I came back it was time for lunch. Little Guy and I finished some homemade pizza and I paired it with an experimental Red Pepper Soup with Spaghetti Squash.

Expect a recipe on GreenLiteBites soon. I want to make it one more time to get it just right.

Time to ready The Mystery Machine for the community parade.

Mystery Inc. was ready to make an appearance!

Don’t we rock! This was our first theme Halloween and I’m loving it! SO much fun!

It ended up being a gorgeous day for a walk.

When we got home Little Guy played a little Jack O’ Lantern drums while I made dinner.

I tried something new and it ROCKED! Hope to do a soon!

I also made meatloaf (trying to perfect my recipe,) creamy mashed potatoes , and roasted Brussels sprouts .

After dinner a little Goosebumps. :)

Another great day. Now… if I can only get a handle on the nighttime snacking thing. It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m binging on chocolate. Ugh.

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