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Lifting Move of the Week Roundup

Posted Sep 08 2010 5:06pm

It was a nice cool morning today.  It had rained, so the air was fresh.  I decided to do a run outside today.  No lifting today, so I didn’t need to go to the gym.  I hit the pavement for a good 3 mile run.  It felt good.  Once the long ride is done this weekend, I am going to do more running because I have to start training for the duathlon!

I was hungry when I got back.  Pumpkin can had been opened earlier in the week, so I incorporated that into breakfast.

Pumpkin custard cream of wheat topped with crystalized ginger and burnt toasted pecans.

Conference call at work today.  Sometimes I worry about my job with this company.  Another reason why I took on the other one.

Lunch break was standard.  I need to do some different stuff for lunches.

So, since I am not lifting anymore this week in a taper down/rest week before my big ride this weekend, there is no lifting move of the week today.   However, I thought I would take a moment to link to all the videos that I have done so far in case there is one that you have missed :D As always, feel free to comment on my form (good or bad), as I am not a trainer or anything.

Arnold Press Stiff-leg Deadlift YTWL
Barbell Deadlift Dumbbell Pull Over Incline Chest Fly
Cable Squat to Row Prone Cuban Snatch Captain’s Chair
Horizontal Wood Chop Face Pull Barbell Chest Press
Close-Grip Lat Pull down Nosebreaker Upright Row
Reverse lunge with single dumbbell

Youtube was being funny tonight, so hopefully these links will work.  Dang – I have done a lot of these!

Afternoon snack!

I like these bars.  They are the store brand organic bars.  Simple ingredients and 150 calories.  Not much protein, though.

I was feeling an omelet for dinner!  It came out perfect.

Filled with sauteed broccoli and feta cheese.  Yum.  And a bowl of fruit on the side:

I laughed at some of the comments yesterday about me putting cinnamon on the cantaloupe.  I put cinnamon on pretty much anything, but not normally melons.  It’s just this cantaloupe was so blah.  Not sweet and pretty tasteless, which was a bummer.

John did some clothes shopping tonight with a gift certificate.  The store was in Saratoga, so we headed down and decided to go out for coffee for a change :oops:

This is Saratoga Coffee Traders:

Comfy and casual.  Plus free wifi – so I am blogging while enjoying my latte:

They do an awesome latte here.  So, so much better than Starbucks, but Starbucks is only 7 miles from home whereas this place is 15+ miles away.

And just in case you really wanted a video today, here is Pixie doing what she does best – napping!  I woke her up for you.

Don’t you love how I can get my hand in her stomach and she doesn’t even care?  I would do a Facebook page for her, but her status would always be sleeping.….

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