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Lifting Move of the Week – The Rest Day!

Posted Oct 13 2010 4:12pm

I woke up with a candy corn hangover today.  I found out that candy corn and peanuts make a good combo last night.  So after that, I figured today would be a good day to do the no-added sugar day for the week.  It was 30 degrees when we got up and decided to go for our mid week bagel.  Below the biking threshold, unfortunately.  It was weird driving there.  Cool Beans is all decked out for fall.

I had a sunflower bagel.

Yum!  I may reduce other types of carbs once endurance events are over, but never the bagels.

Working hard again today.  I think I would like a job where I was on my feet rather than sitting all day.  I used to do that.

Lifting Move of the Week:  The Rest Day! Yes – resting is a big component of any exercise program, and one that we often neglect.  So, since I am resting today, what better time to discuss?

The body actually does most of its strength building on rest days, not when you are in the gym.  And that goes for both cardio and lifting!  When you are pushing your body, you are using up stored energy, as well as breaking down muscle fibers.  When you take a rest day, your body goes to work busily repairing all those fibers and replenishing glycogen stores for the next time.

Sometimes I see these internet challenges where people are vowing to go 30 days straight of exercise.  That really is just too much unless you are talking about walking (which they usually aren’t).   You should do 1 or 2 rest days a week to give your body a chance to catch up.  I sometimes need a not so gentle reminder to do this.

Here are some signs of over training and a clue that you might need to take it easy:

  1. Constant fatigue.
  2. Really not wanting to do your workout, even if you love it.
  3. Getting sick more often.
  4. Increase in nagging injuries.
  5. Decrease in your exercise capacity or performance.
  6. Increased resting heart rate and blood pressure.

If you see multiple signs, it is time to take a break.  And not just one day, but take several days off and scale back what you do.

Insert lunch break here:

Clam strips!  I love how easy these are.  Just pop in the toaster oven for 15 minutes and it’s time to eat.

I received a fun box in the mail from Cabot Creamery, which contained these:

Cheese snackers! I will talk a little more about these tomorrow.  I loves me some cheese!  Makes a good snack on a no-added sugar day.

Afternoon latte with more peanuts.

I am having a serious issue with this jar of peanuts, which is very weird.  Peanuts are normally far down on my list of snacking nuts.  I think it needs to go up high.

I took some of today’s pictures on the stove because I am getting tired of seeing my boring tile counter tops.

Pink item of the day:  The stripe on my Saucony shoes.  These are an old pair of running shoes which have graduated down to every day shoes.

The Breast Cancer Site

I finished up work a little early, so I was able to get some potato slices roasting.  Usually these are sweet potatoes, but John had gotten that 5#  bag of little white ones a couple weeks ago.  It is really hard for 2 people to go through 5# of taters!

Served with chicken and broccoli. (Picture taken back on the counter top!).

Tonight is minimal TV night.  I decided I needed to get some stuff done, including rearranging one of the spare bedrooms to get ready to put our bikes up there.  Still need to get the indoor trainers, but first things first.

I am jonesing for some candy corn, but I will have these for my evening snack instead:

Question:  How good are you about taking rest days?

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