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Life on the Road, Living on Plan - Part II

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm
How do you eat when you're traveling from school to school with no breaks?

Easy... you don't!

I'm totally kidding but that's exactly what happened to me today. We started out with my school and I had my first presentation... only 1 student showed up. It's too early in season and students aren't really thinking about University at this point so no big deal. Then we had to high tail it to my co-workers school so he could present. Sooooo no lunch today, that didn't make for a very happy Allie. Good thing I packed my snacks so I could enjoy some food and didn't let my blood sugar get too low.

So today's tip: Make sure you pack snacks just in case you don't have time to stop for a proper lunch. It's even better if you can pack a lunch ahead of time.

This morning I squeezed in a workout before we left and asked my roomie to grab me breakfast. She's super awesome and brought me back some muselix and skim milk with fruits. It was awesome. Now that my co-workers understand that I'm on Weight Watchers and trying to get healthy they're super willing to help out wherever they can.

ew I look horrendous but I did work out!

So lunch never happened and I knew we were going for Greek so I enjoyed a full dinner.

Bread with Hummus and some Pink Stuff. I had 2 slices of bread with hummus.

I got a chicken souvlaki dinner with Greek salad, rice and potatoes. Normally I don't get this much but I was famished and I definitely needed to refuel after my morning workout so I cleaned my plate.

After dinner we went to Williams Coffee Pub and I declined dessert and got myself a tea. I'm so good... plus I was super full.

We also went to Winners where I picked up these winners:

OMG! Cookbooks. The middle one is for Greg since he is a crazy hospitality guru. He studied it in school and now loves wine, beer and mixing beverages. Hopefully he doesn't read this before I get home or he'll know what I got him. If you're reading babe... SURPRISE! haha

Anyway, it's late again and I'm off to watch Mad Money (the movie) with the team.


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