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Life on the Road, Living on Plan - Part I

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm
First things first... when heading out on a week long trip make sure you do some planning. Sometimes you don't always have control over where you're going to eat so you have to learn how to use your common sense. Not every restaurant has nutritional information so you're going to have to use your brain to figure out what the best options are. That being said, a lot of restaurants now have nutritional information so look at them online before you go.

For this trip, I don't have the luxury of deciding when and where we eat so I made sure that I packed a few dry goodies for "just in case" moments. I brought snackables a.k.a a Nectarine, Granola and Larabars.

Our first stop was Tim Hortons. I really wanted a bagel with butter but I realized that I really didn't need it. Instead I ordered vanilla yogurt and berries. I topped it with a bit of the granola I brought from home and enjoyed it with the nectarine I brought. It was a filling and points friendly breakfast.

For lunch the group decided on East Side Marios. Those of you who read often know my mum loves East Side so I've pretty much got a handle on the menu. I stuck with my delicious Seafood Linguine sans salad and bread (that's a lie... I had 1 sliver).

WW Tip: USE YOUR DINING OUT GUIDE - Some of the information may be out of date but at least you'll get a rough idea of how many points you're about to shove your face with.

Alright so for dinner we went roaming around the city to find somewhere to eat and the group decided on Kelsey's... yuck! I'm not a Kelsey's fan but I found something to eat. There is nothing even remotely within the normal calories for a dinner. I knew this was going to be a splurge but to be the responsible lady that I am I asked the server for the nutritional information. She was awesome and brought me out the laminated copy that they kept in the back. I didn't pick the lightest thing on the menu but I did pick something I'd enjoy.

Chicken Clubhouse Salad - Let's not even get into the double digit points of this dousie but it was fantastic. Mixed greens tossed in ranch dressing and topped with seasoned grilled chicken, double smoked bacon, guacamole, bruschetta tomatoes, Feta cheese and croutons. I nixed the croutons but forgot to ask for the ranch on the side (whoops). I do have quite a bit of weekly points left but this seriously took a big chunk right out of them.

The moral of the story is... I'm not sure. Life on the road is hard. It's also hard to plan ahead but it's definitely worth it.
Try not to be embarrassed about your food choices. In the beginning I found it hard to order what I'd normally eat and take pictures of my food but now I could care less. After a little over a month together my co-workers understand that I blog and that I am trying to kick this weight and get healthy. Tonight at dinner they even asked me to look up the nutritional information for the dishes they were ordering.

You gotta make things work for you because no one else will.

Sorry that this wasn't more interesting. Life on the road is tiring and it's only day 1. We were out late and then when we got back we all had to work on our presentations. I'm pooped.
See ya tomorrow for Life on the Road, Living on Plan - Part II
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