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Life is a garden…dig it!

Posted Feb 28 2010 5:58pm

Now comes the time for you to seriously consider what lies ahead.

Now you must sit down with yourself and think about the reality of what it will take for you

to be one of those smiling, satisfied human beings crossing the finish line.

Well this has been an eventful week!  It started out as usual with another one of my friends Amy joining Mandy and I for our weekly spin classes.  It is sort of fun to be building a little fitness posse.  Ha!  I would have never thought in a kazillion years that I would become a regular at the gym, but I am.  3 full months of 4–6 days a week qualifies you right? 

So anyway Amy and I started talking about competing in a sprint triathlon.  It is something that I have always wanted to do, Mandy and I had even talked about it.  The only reason I had not jumped right in is because I have always had a problem putting my face in the water without plugging my nose.  It would be pretty difficult to competitively swim with one arm and plugging my nose.  Then I really thought about it. 

Hmm… 3 months?  I could teach myself to learn to swim properly and…THEY MAKE NOSE PLUGS Duh! 

Hmm… Seriously?!  If that is the only problem I have then I need to suck it up and be a man WOMAN!

Hmm… 24 hours later– Hell yeah why not!?!

The whirlwind then began!  Just like that one little decision and my entire focus has changed.  I mean I had focus before but it was just all becoming routine.  Which is good but now I have a purpose, a goal, something my competitive arse can look forward to! WOOT!!

The triathlon is in June and basically consists of  Run 3.1 miles, Bike 8 miles, Swim 500 yards.  We have not chosen an exact one yet as we are trying to find one that is not in a duck poop filled pond or lake.  There are plenty to choose from and a decision will be made for certain this week.   

Interesting note– If your friends tell you that duck poop is an issue, believe them!

My fitness has changed up a little bit because I have to add swimming to it but everything else is staying the same.  Can I just tell you that I am super excited?!  Really I am already planning on doing at least 5 this summer because there are so many to do and if you can do one why not more, right?

Beside the triathlon a couple of really cool things that happened this past week–

  • I lost 3.8 more pounds to bring my weight down to exactly 195 (I am posting that only because I wanna win a wii from Plus Size Bloggers ) I really could care less right now of the number I feel like a million bucks! 
  • My swimming suit is to big WOO FREAKIN HOO!  I am going to have to buy a new one so I don’t get kicked out of the pool for indecent exposure!
  • My energy level has went crazy.  Good and bad I have a clean house but am having a hard time winding down to sleep. 
  • I was able to swim 1/2 mile without stopping my first time in the lap pool!!
  • Rotten #1 and his friends in the ‘Light Mob’ won the High School talent show .  It was the coolest thing ever, they won $150!!!  *The life is a garden quote is the Light Mob’s life quote.  I totally stole it.

That was my week in a nutshell.  I am armed with new goggles, ear plugs a nose plug, fabulous family and friends.  Who needs more than that?  Life is good!



©2010 The Fabulous Fattie . All Rights Reserved.

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