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Life Goals – Desire + Action

Posted Jan 01 2010 3:00am


I hope that you all had a great New Year’s Eve celebration. We sure did! We usually stay home as a family, have a nice meal together, and get a little bit silly. This year was no exception.

After the little boys go to bed, the older kids, John and I watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” What a great movie!

One thing I’ve never really done is make a list of New Year’s Resolutions. Why? I think for me, I never seemed to get any of them accomplished and then I’d feel like a total loser. So I don’t make any. Instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions I update my list of life goals.

Life goals are goals that John and I have set for ourselves as a family, and individual goals that we have personally. I don’t share my individual goals with him though, because they are a secret! :)

Having life goals has helped me keep a general focus for my life. For example, getting out of debt is one of my life goals, and by keeping that goal in mind, I’m able to curb my spending to try and reach that very elusive goal. Another life goal I have is to maintain my weight. (Aren’t you surprised??!)

And to keep that life goal achieved I have to make sure that I always keep that goal in my mind. I don’t think about my weight all the time, or obsess over every piece of food that goes in my mouth, but I do always have that goal in the back of my mind.

And because I never let that goal slip out of my memory completely, I find it easier to make the choices that help me achieve that goal. For example, when I’m at a restaurant and everyone is ordering desserts, I find it easy to resist because I know that that Death by Chocolate cake won’t help me continue to meet that Life Goal.

Or, if it is cold and wet outside, it may be easier to stay inside snuggled in my bed, but that won’t help me achieve my life goal of weight maintenance either – so I haul myself out of bed and go exercise.

I guess what that particular life goal comes down to for me is desire. I desire to meet that life goal more than I desire to eat junk or not exercise. But in addition to desire, there is action.

When I was morbidly obese I had the desire to lose weight and that would have been one of my Life Goals, but the desire wasn’t enough. I had to get to the point where I was really willing to act on my desire to reach that goal of losing over 150 pounds.

Desire + Action = Results

That’s what I’ve learned throughout my journey of life. Sure I want to get out of debt completely, but I don’t always act like it, and will buy things because I want them right then rather than waiting for them. That’s desire without action.

How do you put your life goals into motion? Do you have the desire, but like me with money, sometimes have trouble with the action part? What can you do to meet your life goals this year?  I’m going to stick with my budget!!  Diane

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