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Let's talk Rewards, Yoga, and Cake

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
As it turns out, my hairdresser got delayed coming home from her vacation, so she had to cancel my appointment. That wasn't a bad thing because I would have had to miss yoga last night to go to the appointment. The only reason I was going to skip yoga was because I was afraid I wouldn't get another appointment for a while, but this way it's out of my hands and I got to go to yoga without cancelling. I was glad I didn't miss yoga because our beginner class stepped it up a notch and we began to put some postures together and we began sun salutations (it truly is "beginner" yoga) and today I actually feel the stretch and the work in my legs and abs. It's not tooo much, but I can at least feel it. I'm glad the pace of the class is slow because I'm easing into it with my injury issues and I don't feel pressure to step it up and consequently feel "pain" when I shouldn't have to. She's a great instructor and explains and emphasizes why you don't have to push the postures to discomfort and where to emphasize the stretch and when. It's great for a person like me because if I were to jump right into a regular yoga class, I'd likely be trying to "look" the part and do what everyone else was doing all the while being in pain, completely defeating the purpose! So it's great on that front. Someone asked me what style I was taking and I can't remember exactly what she said, but it started with a "K" I think. Although she did say that eventually there would be magazines available to pick up to read about it when they come in. Can you believe that my head is still sore from last week when I whacked it?!

So onto the reward part. I'm really enjoying yoga! And we all know that I also really enjoy lululemon (someone wanted me to clarify what I was talking about when I mentioned "lulu" the other day - there is the link. It's extremely comfortable and amazing athletic wear for mainly yoga, but really anything and it's pretty pricey and at first you turn your nose up at the thought of paying that price for "gym" clothes, until you try them on and don't look back!) point is that the weather is getting colder and I'm still enjoying my lulu spring/summer hoodie and capris yoga pants, but I'm leaning now toward wanting a pair of full length yoga pants and the warmer fall/winter hoodie. So, me and hubby were chatting last night and starting talking "deals" (which is what we constantly do for fun - i.e. "I'll make you a deal...if you do this, then I can do that" etc. It's usually housework related) and so we agreed that even though we're trying to pay off our wedding debt, he's on board with me buying a new lulu hoodie and yoga pants. Normally it wouldn't be an issue, but honestly that's a pretty pricey purchase for two items of clothing ($100 each) when we're trying to be good with the spending, so I wanted him on board with it. All I had to do on my end of the deal was go and get him a peice of cake and a drink! lol What a guy, I'm tellin' ya. So I've decided that I'm going to buy either the pants OR the hoodie when I achieve 10 lbs lost on BLBE (which is 3 more lbs away) and then the other item, when I acheive 15lbs. That will put me at 165, just FIVE lbs away from my BLBE goal of 160. And I feel all excited about "earning" them and it is giving me more incentive to stay on track the next little while. It's all about short term focus for me these days - whatever keeps you me check.

Speaking of - I came home yesterday to a lovely pork roast dinner that MIL made, which was lovely, but I declined on the potato and steamed up a platefull of green beans to go with it instead of potatoes (yay me) and about a 1/3c of stuffing which I felt awesome about. But of course there was a damn friggin chocolate pound cake that she picked up at the grocery store. Is it a coincidence that 3 of you guys also blogged about chocolate cake and/or some other kind of like-dessert? I actually felt angry about it. Not specifically because she bought the cake (and there has been some sort of pie or cheesecake or something around) but because it's almost like there's always SOMETHING there to tempt me and throw me off my game. It's imparative for me to keep my "environment" set up condusive to losing weight or I'll crash and burn. Sure, "just don't eat any" you say, but if that were really a realistic option for me, I wouldn't be in a position to need to lose weight in the first place. THAT is my problem. I really got to be on my game not to be tempted by that stuff and when I am, it waxes and wanes, just like all will power. Will power does not last, it's always short-lived and that is why you need to have your environment set up so that you don't have that stuff around! Did I have any cake, you are wondering? I had about 3 bites and then quickly got the hell out of the house and went to yoga (thank gawd) and I didn't get home until 9:00 at which point I had to get my lunch ready etc. before bed, so I was good.

But Jeeeeez! We're having thanksgiving this weekend AND her birthday so it's not like there's not enough "treats" coming up! Hey other pat on the back news is that I took Lucy for a walk as soon as I got home (about 30 mins) so I got a walk in AND I did 90 mins of yoga (which I really wouldn't "count" as 90 mins of yoga AP-wise, since it was pretty low instesity wise - but activity nonetheless and I'm slowly working on getting up to a "real" 90 mins yoga class which I'll be able to do properly.

Pheww! That was a lot to get out of my head!
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