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Let’s talk about Protein While I Review a Product

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:17pm

Better Whey of Life yogurt

Better Whey of Life recently contacted me about reviewing their protein enriched yogurt cups. I was actually excited as I’ve been considering adding whey protein to my diet for sometime now but the thought of buying one of those humongous tubs of protein powders just gives me the creeps. What have I turned into some crazed body building maniac? Plus isn’t it possible to get enough protein from a healthy well balanced diet?

Funny you should ask! (ok, ok, I asked but I needed a bridge) I did a bit of research as I’ve been curious myself. According to the ADA

"The average American diet contains enough protein for recreational or even competitive athletes."

So if it’s good enough for athletes what about the average Joe? Or should I say the average dieter?

One of the critiques I’ve heard about Weight Watchers is that the plan indirectly advocates a low protein diet. Good sources of protein like nuts, beans and meats are all considered "high point" items. And most Weight Watchers would agree that "high point" items should be kept to a minimum. As a Weight Watchers girl myself I’ll be honest, my strategy while losing was simple, keep fat to a minimum and fiber to a maximum while eating as many whole unprocessed food as possible. But where did protein fit in? Honestly, I never gave it much thought. I was always overly concerned about points. Maybe the critics have a point.

EIther way Protein is an important aspect of our diets. From my research we should be getting about .4 to .5g of protein per pound of body weight. (.8-1.2g per kg)

That’s great and all but how much is in what we eat?

4 oz Skinnless chicken breast roasted35g4
4 oz raw salmon22g4
1/2 cooked pinto beans8g2
1 whole egg6g2
1 cup raw chopped broccoli3g0
1 medium banana1g2
Info from

This is just a sampling of foods to give you an idea of protein values in common items. In my opinion eating eggs for breakfast about 3 times a week, pairing a lean protein with my veggies at dinner and cracking open a can of beans every other day is more then enough for me. Looking at yesterday’s food journal I ate around 72g even before trying the Whey Protein Yogurt before bed. That’s exactly what I’m suppose to be eating. The yogurt added another 15 for a total of about 87g.

Now I have to confess I ate peanut butter and a Zone bar yesterday. That’s two things I probably would NOT have eaten if I was trying to lose (the whole too high in points thing). They added about 25g of protein. Skipping those I would have actually been a bit shy of my protein requirements and the 2 point protein fortified yogurt with 15g would have come in handy.

Have I rambled on enough about protein? Let’s get to this review… Based on my simple research I think the yogurt is a good option for those that are watching calories (or points) but want to be conscious of their protein requirement. The strawberry banana has 145 calories, .5g of fat, 3g of fiber (2.3 wwp) with 15g of protein. As for taste, the yogurt is a bit more "yogurt-y" then traditional sweetened cups, like Dannon or Yoplait. It’s got a tartness and thick texture that I found tasty. But if you are used to super sweet yogurt it may take some getting used to.

SO what do you know about protein? Are you conscious of your intake? Do you take protein into consideration when deciding what to eat or are you scared of it because it’s too high in points?

Oh! and here’s some links I came across while researching a bit of protein. Thought you might find them useful…

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