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Let’s Go Halfsies: 9/1/09

Posted Sep 03 2009 11:26am

Well it’s LOVELY weather for the first day of September and I couldn’t be happier about that. After running around all morning, I had to get it together for today’s Half Marathon Delight: a seven mile run! This is a mini milestone in training because this is the point at which I got hurt and had to stop running last winter. So…wooo! I had planned to do it at the gym because Grand Blanc is just not runner-friendly, but a day like today is made for running. So I sat down and figures out a route that goes right around my gym/hospital. It’s a beautiful area; it’s not seven miles though, so a little looping was required.

I always get anxiety before a long run. I don’t know why! It never seems so much different from the week before, I am not going fast, and I never quit. But still, I get that queasy feeling in my stomach every time! Also, I am pretty sure odd-number runs freak me out for some reason…I can’t explain it, but something about it throws me off.

I started the day with another English muffin/PB/chocolate-banana smoothie meal. (Didn’t go for the Nutella this time; I don’t think that should be a major habit.) I think this is a good combo for me on my workout days–I stay so full and energized! My pre-run lunch was Wendy’s chili, Food Should Taste Good olive chips, sliced peppers, cucumbers, baby carrots, and an organic nectarine.

After lunch, I made a new playlist. Today I needed something upbeat, but I don’t know….with more of an edge. So I took the faster songs from the Electric Feel mix and then added lots of Eminiem. He’s just such a dick and something about his mean, arrogant intensity keeps me going.

So…I set out! The first half was easy, but the second half, when I basically redid the route, was hard. Way hard. I was hot, sweaty, thirsty, crampy; also, strength training the day before a long run is not a good idea for me. My already pissed quads had had enough. When I made it to the last song “Til I Collapse,” I really wanted to. But….I did it. This is my longest outdoor run in my life! That crossed my mind as I was pretty hobbling around to cool-down.

I didn’t have time to do a major stretch-a-thon, so I will have to do more later. Right now I am downing a chocolate banana smoothie and hopping in the shower. I have a sushi date with my sorority sisters and I am so excited for it–I hope the shower and the food get me going again. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day….I have a feeling I am going to sleep like a rock tonight.

Have a great night!

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