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Let’s Go Halfsies: 10/11/09

Posted Oct 11 2009 10:02pm

Good afternoon! Happy Sunday!!

I hope your weekend is going well. Mine is going great so far. I spent all day yesterday with my friend Tracy, who just started her own interior design business. (If you need an interior designer in MI, check out her site!) I’m so inspired by everything she’s doing and it was great to celebrate her new business. She had a launch party in the morning, but I caught up with her and her twin sister all afternoon and then we hit Trader Joe’s. Not a bad day at all! But all the friend-love and passion about new projects kind of wiped me out, so I was in bed nice and early last night.

Good thing, because today was my last long run before the half-marathon! I woke up feeling so refreshed, warm, and happy. I could have stayed in bed a lot longer but I got up, made oatmeal with banana, peanut butter, and pumpkin butter, and fueled up while doing my standard Sunday routine (NY Times weddings and Post Secret). Then I made some additions to my playlist and was out the door!

Well, I was in for a surprise because it was oh, 29 degrees outside! Ahhh! I love running in cold weather but I hadn’t really considered that it would hit so early. I had to scrape the ice from the car! I can’t believe just a month ago I was worried about overheating. Oh, Michigan.

Luckily, I bought a new hoodie last week (Danskin — $13!) so I got to rock that. I made some energy gel, packed water and Propel, and was off! I had a little bit of a nervous stomach but I was trying to get out the door before I acknowledged it. Twelve miles…it’s just one further than last week, right?

It (obviously) took me a little longer to get warmed up, but once I did, the run wasn’t too bad! My knees and feet were a little sore, but nothing major. The real thing that got me through was the fact that it was a gorgeous day and my rockin new playlist, which is now more than two hours long. Around the sixth mile I started to feel great — not runner’s high great, but still, really, really good. It’s like I finally relaxed and just decided to enjoy myself!

When it was all over, there was no staggering, no “I think death is coming for me.” I just headed home to get a recovery snack and stretch! I thought that the cold air had kept me from sweating too much, but when I walked in, my mom told me that my entire back, shoulders to ass, was drenched. Then I looked in the mirror and saw that my sunscreen had somehow turned to liquid and then froze back into solid flakes. So…I guess I did sweat a bit out there.

After a very hot shower, it was time for a very hot lunch!

On top of spaghetti…all covered with cheese…

I made spaghetti with some meatballs that I had made a few weeks ago and then frozen. Gotta love leftovers! And to get my greens in I had broccoli with a little olive oil.

I’m glad the run is done! I am going to taper this week, because, well, I want to, so I feel like the tough stuff is over for a little while. Now it’s time to bliss out with new magazines and last week’s Mad Men!

Have a great afternoon!

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