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Let's get physical, physical.....

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:26pm

Well things are definetly looking up! I have been following my exercise plan for 3 days now and feel just awesome!! It's amazing how a little activity changes your outlook on life...

Last night was marathon training and it was great. I ran about 12 minute miles and felt just wonderful. In talking to some of the other people last night, they thought Saturday's run was really slow also. So it wasn't just me; I knew it was slow.

I'm following that Core Performance program and really like it. It takes about 1/2 hour and I work up quite a sweat. I like that it focuses on core strength and movements that are much more real world and not just biceps curls or squats or whatever.....

What else..... Not much. I have got to get back into Weight Watchers and I think I'm going to go tonight. I used to go on Saturday mornings but with marathon training taking up my Saturdays for the next 8 weeks or so that won't work. I figured I'd go to the Tuesday night meeting that way I'd get home late Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and be free on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Not much else to say. Feeling good, things are going well, that's all......

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