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Let's Get Behind This

Posted Dec 27 2012 6:00pm

Nexercise2 I think I must say "there's an app for that" a few times a week these days. 

Here's one I liked. NEXERCISE . First of all, and perhaps most importantly after we've all just bankrupted ourselves for the holidays, it's FREE. That's awesome. And it's aim is to help you lose weight by making the journey fun and motivating. It's app blackmail at its finest -- it motivates you to exercise more consistently by using your smartphone to deliver an engaging game, automated tracking, a social support network, and real rewards.  

They also have some testimonials on their website that are pretty hard to ignore -- people with high blood pressure getting off their meds, diabetics with amazing bloodwork results, and people losing pounds, dress sizes, and pants sizes. 

Coolest part -- and this is something I haven't seen yet in any exercise-related app I've checked out -- as I mentioned, users can earn gift cards at leading retailers like Amazon, Sephora , JC Penney , Barnes & Noble ... That's just really cool to me. It's similar to Viggle , who rewards TV viewing with points that you can trade in for gifts... But these are far more attainable (I will probably NEVER get to the 30,000 points Viggle requires for even a tiny prize). 

Hell, you get bonus points just for logging in daily. And it's FREE, people. Free to download. (Did I mention it's free?)

And then lastly, another cool feature: Linking to friends. Thanks to EVERYTHING being routed through social media, you can hold yourself up to what your friends are doing. OR, if you want to bare our soul, to what strangers are doing. 

It's a really fantastic idea and I don't know why no one thought of it sooner and also, why more people aren't using it! 



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