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Let’s Explain This Healthy Weight Loss Tip About Protein

Posted Apr 06 2010 7:37am

Q:  "I have heard this healthy weight loss tip: that protein burns more calories than carbs or fat.  What does that really mean though?"

A:  There is a very easy explanation for this and it has to do with simple math.  Here’s the general equation:

{Number of calories eaten} - {Number of calories used to digest and utilize the food} = {Net calorie consumption}

Your body uses 24-27 calories to process 100 calories of protein.  If we plug these numbers into the equation, we find that you only consume about 75 calories when you eat 100 calories of protein.  On the other hand, 100 calories of carbohydrates or fat only take 4-5 calories to process, so more calories are actually consumed when eating these.

There are many other benefits of eating protein, but this one is the most important for healthy weight loss.  Eating protein at every meal will result in feeling full while consuming less calories.  Now you have the knowledge to use this healthy weight loss tip to its fullest extent.

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