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Lesson: Weight Used to Get Your Attention // Incident: Fast Paced Mom Frustrated with her Weight

Posted May 02 2008 11:02am
I am back... I had a brief distraction as I had to deal with some unethical people and put a situation to justice. I you want to read about the scandal activity read the Press Release link posted on this blog.
Today's Lesson:
Sometimes when you are trying desperately to lose weight and you just can't seem to succeed - look deeper. It is not always about simply losing weight. One thing I have learned from all of my readings is that life throws lessons out to you so that you can grow as a spiritual being. One way to get our attention is to limit our ability to get something we want REALLY badly. For some that may be to lose weight. For others it may be to find a long lasting relationship and for others it is to have a child. Whatever the case - not getting what you really want can be frustrating especially when you find you can't control the outcome. It seems the more you try to control the outcome the worse the situation gets and the more frustrated you become. I see a lot of clients in this situation with their weight. I can usually see right through them and know in an instant what their problem is. Most of them are so busy trying to whip their body into shape that they are abusing themselves and forgetting a very important thing... you have to befriend the body you want to change...

Today's Incident:
In the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of coaching a woman who is living life on a speed train trying to control every facet of her life. Along the journey her body went into stress mode and started to store fat to enable her to sustain her fast-paced lifestyle. She, in turn, has decided to punish her body even more by making it work out 5 to 7 days a week. Frustrated she turned to us for help.
This time it is definitely not just about weight. This woman is a candidate for Wife Swap. She is the typical perfectionist mother who tries to keep the perfect home, the perfect life, volunteers whenever she can and exercises her body to exhaustion. She runs on adrenelin. She speaks at a rapid pace. It is hard to get her to listen. She needs a rude awakening to get her to see was she is missing in her life. The extra weight she is carrying has her attention. Will this be all it takes for her to get the message? or will it take some serious illness or accident to get her to slow down? I talk about all of this with her. I will repeat myself every week until she gets it. Right now I have her listening to the Self Esteem CD by Louise Hay (there is a subliminal side - the purpose here is to get her to love herself regardless of its imperfections). I also recommended Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Secrets of Life Every Women Should Know and I seriously want to nominate her for Wife Swap. Last week her task was to take a 1/2 day to herself - no volunteering, no exercising and no running around like a mad woman. She succeeded and thoroughly enjoyed herself. This week is a holiday week and being the perfectionist she is - I am not sure I can get her to slow down. But I did ask her to observe how she goes through each day and see if she can take a step back to enjoy her life instead of just rushing through - task after task. Her body needs some love and attention before it is going to cooperate with her and start to dump fat. Honestly, I have never worked with a case like this. But she is in my office for a reason and I will do my best to get her to see the light. Who knows - her body may start to trust her again and she may lose the weight!?
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