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Lesson: Visualize Yourself Thin // Incident: Food "Snob" Thinking

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:58pm
Today's Lesson:
When you have been a certain weight your whole life or have been struggling with weight for years, it can be hard to visualize yourself as a thin person. Spending time on this to break through your mental imaging barriors is extremely important. If you can not see it or believe it, how will you create it for yourself? Mental blocks or as they say "disallowing" can keep things that you want from happening. If you can visualize yourself thin and accept it as you - you will begin to think and act like a thin person would act. If you see yourself any differently, you will never take on the permanent behaviors that are necessary to achieve and maintain the body you want. Spend some time visualizing yourself lean and strong. How does it feel? How does this person act? How confident is this person? How does this person eat? Now act as if that were you - feel the power and confidence - feel your body and mind with positive thoughts - and watch as you now ALLOW yourself to transform.
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Today's Incident:
Today I spoke with a woman who simply LOVES food. I guess I can't relate to that exactly as I have trained myself to eat to live (or feel healthy). She is a woman who entertains a lot and has social events that center around food. She likes her wine and her cordials and associates that with happiness. Today we talked about some techniques to alter her thinking.
I really think you can "brain wash" yourself to be any way that you want to. So I am working with her to see food differently. We talked about strategies to combat her normal temptations with food. I told her to look around her and watch as others eat the food that tempts her. Notice how they look, notice their weight, watch as they are overpowered by it, watch their addiction. Is that how you wish to look? Is that behavior you want to emulate? Do you want to be the person influenced and controlled by the media, by food manufacturers that want you to be addicted to their foods? Develop an attitude that you are better than that...or "snob" thinking as I am calling it today. Say to yourself "I eat healthy. My body is more important to me than _____." After a while you train yourself to not be turned on so much by food. There is so much else in life that can stimulate or motivate you. Now is the time to find that "something else" and focus on it. Right now - it can be focussing on changing your body....then you can shop for clothes as your reward.
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