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Lesson: Overstimulating Foods // Incident: Depression After the Holidays

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:58pm 1 Comment
Today's Lesson:
If you are over weight or have health issues, ask yourself what foods can't you live without? What foods do you eat most every day? What are your favorite foods? Chances are these are the culprits. Especially watch foods like bread, cheese (dairy in general), diet sodas, chocolate, pretzels, nuts and sugar. If you need them on a daily basis you body may have become allergic and you find the food stimulating (in some strange, bad way). Because they overstimulate the body, they can attribute to stomach upset and weight gain along with a host of other bad symptoms. I challenge you to avoid these foods and watch the bloat weight come off rapidly.
Today's Incident:
An otherwise cheery woman came into my office today almost in tears, saying she felt lonely after the Holidays. We talked it out and we concluded she is not really lonely - just all over depressed. Ever get that way? ...same life... same circumstances... totally different outlook. If these strange emotions ever crossed your path - you might label them as PMS (if you are a woman) or a bad day. To me it is all the same. Look at what your diet has been like. For this woman she has been eating a lot of sugar.... hmmm ?? Sugar depletes your B-vitamins which regulate your mood and ability to handle stress. They call it the "happy vitamin". So - if your B-vitamins are depleted...maybe your outlook is not so good. Could be a link? Don't take my word for it. Through the sugar away. Cleanse the body with lemon water and take your B-vitamins. Now watch how your moods regulate; bad days are fewer; PMS a thing of the past. Take it from me - a recovered sugar addict. Sugar is evil. See the link for the list of "78 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health".
Happy Holidays!
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Great post! Did you know that there are certain foods that can give your brain a boost and help you beat depression?  For example, healthy proteins and whole grains have components which actually can give you anti-depression results.  I've written about this on

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