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Lesson: Making Use of Momentum

Posted May 02 2008 11:02am
Today's Lesson:
I hear many people's frustration (especially women - sorry but men just seem to lose weight more easily) with weight loss. Women's bodies seem to want to hold on to fat for dear life until it gets some sort of consistent message announcing that it is okay to start letting it go. I believe there are many factors that contribute to the body's unwillingness to let the fat go. I tell my clients that they have to be consistent for 2-3 weeks on their eating plan to send the clear signal to their body that they are serious and that it is time to shed the fat layers. That is 2-3 weeks without the incidental chip or cookie or all of the other things that got them into the fat storing mode in the first place. I hear "but I am doing so much better than I used to!". Well, the body can be stubborn and sometimes that just isn't enough to shake things up. You need 2-3 weeks of drinking all of your water, eating your 5-6 meals a day, eating protein at each meal, only eating the slow burning carbohydrates, exercising and ditching the junk. After this period you will get momentum started. Visualize yourself pushing a large boulder up a hill. Once you get it to the top the hard work is already done. Now - you just have to get it rolling down the hill and keep it going. You can benefit from momentum. Meaning, once you have started to lose weight the body may not notice if you slip something in your mouth that is not on your eating plan. It will just keep losing weight. Don't make the mistake of falling too far off course or momentum will stop and you may have to start all over again to get things moving again. My point is that you don't have to be as perfect after you get the use of momentum. That doesn't mean you can (and will never be able to) go back to your old eating patterns.
My best advice is for people to commit to some severe and inconvenient changes for 2-3 weeks. At that time it is essential to work on the mind and the attitude about eating healthy. Ditch the need to have to have junk food to be happy and really learn how to eat better and enjoy it. If you always feel like you are deprived and really live to eat junk then you will not be able to keep the momentum going once you have gotten it started. I always say - "You are an adult - making an adult decision to eat healthy, to feel good, to look your best...". It is not about what you deny yourself it is about what you want for yourself. This time when you lose the weight - keep it off by changing the way you think.
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