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Lesson learned in two days..need routine always..

Posted Oct 05 2011 8:21am
Well, the working out later in the morning is just not going to work for me. I realized that when yesturday I had a dentist appointment..and was going to go later on, didnt have time so couldnt get my gym time in! Darn. And you know what that meant for off day AGAIN! I should have known better, letting myself believe that I can work out later in the morning. I always new that I am someone who needs that routine always. As soon as I let one thing go, then the rest go as well. I ate stupid and I am so dissappointed. But at least I caught it early enough to revert back to my early mornings.

But this morning I got up instead at 5:00 am which wasnt as bad as 4:30! And was at the gym for 5:30...didnt seem as tough. So I will do that from now on, and keep it going. However i really should look for a good dvd workout to do at home later on in the mornings as I go along, cause we all know that the snow will be coming real soon, and If I cant make the gym due to bad weather I will have to do a workout at home to keep it going same time always this is the most important thing I can do for me! The early workout just gives me a great start of my day, which is obviously what I need in order to have good days.

I actually weighed myself this morning after my workout to see how much I am hurting from the weekend splurge and yesturday's off day without gym time, and to my surprise it didnt affect me...fiew. I mean I didnt lose, but, the fact that I stayed the same mentally helped me realize that, I can still make a one pound loss this week by Friday if I am good until then which is better then nothing. Thank goodness I had a great first at least I dont feel as bad that I am not so ahead at this point.

Well, I suppose i will just try and get in a little nap in the afternoons sometime. Not sure how, but I dont want to drain myself with my long days and feel anything like I did over the last weekend just burnt out.

So thats my update. Lets hope for at least a one pound loss this Friday. I will be happy with that and will continue on doing what I do being a little more structured and a good mind knowing what works best for me and most importantly WHAT DOESNT, and will have to commit to the early morning workouts that for some silly reason was thinking of making later. NO CAN DO...5:30 am it is from here on in
Talk soon
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