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Lesson: Lack of Consistency Breeds Frustration

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:58pm
Today's Lesson:
The holiday period is over. The parties have all ended. I now have to deal with the frustration of clients who were not able to lose weight over the holidays. It has been a tough week. Many of my clients did well over the holidays and were able to not overeat and select healthier foods. What they don't understand is that the body doesn't know it is holiday time and still processes food the same. The body doesn't care what you could have eaten or the beverages you could have consumed. It only registers what you have eaten and uses its current fat burning abilities. When you make better choices on vacation or at parties - your body will be more apt to maintain its weight and not gain weight. In order to lose weight you have to send a consistent message, eat lean and feed your body throughout the day. You have to be consistent for at least 2-3 weeks and not have "little cheats". This way you will start a momentum of losing weight and becoming an efficient fat burner. You can't start this momentum when you are not in a normal routine (like holiday time). So don't be discouraged - just resolve to start your momentum now that the social events have settled down and you can get into a healthy routine. After two to three weeks of eating well - you may find that your body will continue to lose weight even when you are not so good (momentum).
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