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Lesson: Get off of the Diet Drinks // Action: Natural Sweet Alternatives

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:58pm
Today's Lesson:
If you really want to lose weight - get off of the DIET DRINKS and all artificial sweeteners. That includes any thing with aspartame, acesulfame potassium, splenda , equal, sucralose or saccharin. Artificial sweeteners are linked to obesity, not weight loss. I know what the ads say and I know what Weight Watchers says but more and more studies are coming out saying that the are harmful and will impede your weight loss efforts. Many clients come into my office who drink a lot of diet drinks. Reluctantly they follow my advice and stop drinking them and focus on water. They generally lose 2 to 4lbs the first week they stop. I found an article, Confessions of a Soft Drink, that explains why this would happen and I also have my reasons. One, artificial sweeteners are chemicals and chemicals put toxins in the blood and impair your body's ability to function properly. In particular, toxins disturb your metabolism, thyroid and hormones - all necessary to maintain a normal weight. Two, artificial sweeteners may cause you to consume more calories. The sweet of the drinks makes your body think it is getting calories but none follow, so you may find yourself more hungry. Lastly, it is important to balance your body so that you do not crave sugar and salt. By drinking sweet acidic drinks all day long - you will always crave more acid foods . Like craves like. You also want to start to enjoy the natural taste, sweetness of foods and learn to enjoy eating more healthfully. How can you do this when the "sweet" you are drinking on a daily basis is 3-10 x's sweeter than what is found in nature? You will never find anything to be sweet enough and will continue to crave sweet, fattening foods.
Learn to enjoy water. I know at first it may seem awful. But after a few days - the taste of your diet drinks will make you sick. To get your body more alkaline and remove the acid from the sweeteners, sugar and salt in your diet drink a glass of water with one entire, fresh lemon squeezed in it. Do it on a daily basis, when you feel a sugar or salt craving or after you have eaten something sweet or salty. This is a good trick to cleanse the body and get it "thinking straight" so it naturally desires healthy foods. This is a mandatory for the clients I coach because I know too well the power of a craving.
Some Healthy Alternatives:
Try Stevia . Stevia is a natural plant sweetener and also has no calories.
Celestial Seasoning came out with a product that you add to your water to flavor it. The key is that it contains Stevia and not artificial sweeteners like most other similar products. They comes in 4 flavors. Definitely a great way to increase your water intake with no calories and no chemicals. Some flavors have a little caffeine - 20g to a pack (Blueberry and Peach) and some have no caffeine (Wild Berry and Tangerine). Enjoy! I will continue to address the issue of beverages and healthy choices as the year goes on. So be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay updated.

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